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Name: Liam Brooksbank
From: JHB
AKA: Joe Moer
Known for: Being the cerebellum of the team.
Steam: Steam Profile
DGL: DGL Profile


Liam "Joe" Brooksbank started playing Team Fortress 2 in 2012. He soon became heavily involved in the competitive community of TF2 towards the end of 2012 and played religiously until the end of 2014, where he accumulated up to 2300 hours of gameplay.

At the beginning of 2015, he decided to start fresh in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, forming a team that comprised mostly of Team Fortress 2 players, for the first leg of DGL 2015. The team scrimmed against SSG continuously and ended up joining SSG at the end of the leg due to various team-issues.


2015 DGL Winter Leg Highlights

CS:GO Frag Vid 1

CS:GO Frag Vid 2