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Name: Michael Harmse
From: Gauteng
AKA: Axe
Known for: Taking 15 minutes to make a 5 miniute cup of coffee.
Steam: Steam Profile
DGL: DGL Profile


Michael "axtremes" Harmse spent his childhood gaming - starting with Super Mario Bros on the NES. He spent his teens playing Unreal Tournament, Quake III and Counterstrike 1.0 - 1.6, playing at internet cafes and LANing with friends on weekends and school holidays.

After school he gave up gaming to focus on playing guitar and making music. That was until 2012, when he discovered Team Fortress 2 through a very persistent friend. Axtremes’ TF2 career very quickly progressed from casual to competitive play, with 2000 hours of blood, sweat and tears. Axtremes developed into one of the very best players alongside his teammate, Joe. Together they became heavily involved in organizing competitions, as well as being admins for Mweb.

It became apparent at the beginning of 2015 that despite how much he loved Team Fortress 2, that it was going nowhere competitively. Axtremes and Joe decided to form a CS:GO team and see if they could reach the top level in a different game. It's nice for that decision to have been vindicated.