Winter Playoffs – Week 2

banner_dota2Dota 2
!Tetris played against IFG. We saw a Viper, Earthshaker, Shaman, Ember and Tide pickup from SSG while IFG went with a Doom, Skywraith, Death Prophet, Centaur and Rubick Draft. SSG went with a defensive trilane and secured quick mekanism on their core viper. As the game progressed our bottom and middle lanes were doing exceptionally well. A 4 man gang on Electron in the middle of the game was a good play by IFG. When our shaman, played by Bonedoggy, tp’d in with a super fast reaction disable on their doom it turned the fight greatly in SSG’s favour.  Allowing Viper to pick up 3 kills. Shortly after that they tried it again, and once again the Viper got a Ultra kill on them. As the mid game to early late game stages progressed our Ember Spirit, played by Wolly, took over the main priority in team fights. He was just doing too much damage to the enemy team during fights for them to stop him. Great plays from all of the guys and I was really impressed with Meni3 and SpeX :) GG WP SSG takes it 1-0

We were winning, and then we won 😀 – Electron

bf4bannerBattlefield 4
Panda Bandits vs PewPew AlphaMikeFoxtrot
Week 2 Panda Bandits played against PewPew AlphaMikeFoxtrot. A team they have played in the past, but a while back. The game started off well with PeStil3nc3 winning the defib round and eliminating the maps they hate. The maps to be played were: Hainan Resort and Lancang Dam. Hainan was the first map and saw PewPew being very strong on it, but not quite enough to take a win from SSG.

Hainan Resort
Round 1 : Pew 0 – 185 SSG
Round 2 : Pew 0 – 94 SSG

Lancang Dam
Round 1 : Pew 0 – 126 SSG
Round 2 : Pew 0 – 177 SSG

Where to start? It was a very good game and Pew certainly didn’t make it easy for us, on the 2nd round of Hainan we just didn’t know what was going on, but we pulled through at least. Then on Lancang’s 2nd round I had to almost leave the Attack boat in the spawn because they just shot a million rockets at me as I got into it. They held B flag very nicely that round. – PeStil3nc3

Maersk vs [NSD]Retribution
Our second game of the Premier playoff was going to be our biggest game for sure. We had previously faced off vs NSD in the premier league, and they had taken the win quite convincingly there. Unfortunately we made a mistake on the rollout of our first round on seige, and it cost us dearly. We faught back hard in round 2 but our spirits were low from the first half drubbing. The second map, Hainan, was more evenly contested. We struggled to hold the middle of the map which cost us tickets. NSD were too strong, and came out victors 2-0.

Siege of Shanghai
SSG US 0 – 231 CN NSD
SSG CN 0 – 100 US NSD

Hainan Resort
SSG US 0 – 161 CN NSD
SSG CN 0 – 106 US NSD

We knew that we would be up against it. It was a tough game, but we move our focus onto our remaining opponents. We are taking it one game at a time. – TheVovo

Starcraft 2
Luke as played 1 game so far against [W2C]Betelgeuse and won 2-0.
Mogar has also played 1 game and won 2-0 against WRG][PLuTo.

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