Winter Playoffs – Week 1

Back in action after the conclusion of the winter leg. Its playoff time! The two battlefield 4 teams are locked in action in the struggle to stay in the Premier league, while our dota 2 team is the breakthrough playoff.
banner_dota2Dota 2
drafted a heavy team fight line-up for the game, and had a really good team. As the game started we got first blood and managed to get a really big lead on them. Due to all our big ulties the enemy drafted a silencer, which totally shut us down. The silencer started gaining momentum, and started to get items. With our big lead we could not capatalize in the mid to late game stages and they took the team fights. !Tetris lost 1-0. GG

We were winning, and then we lost. :(Electron

bf4bannerBattlefield 4
Each team has 5 games to play from 23 July to 24 August.  So the games will be played as they can be arranged.
Panda Bandits
In Week one Panda Bandits went all out. They challenged 2 teams and took both victories. The first game was early in the Winter Playoffs season against TcR Gunner Squad on 24th July. The second game was versus ALG Phantom Knights played at the end of week 1 on Sunday. Coincidentally both games were played on the same maps Zavod 311 and Lancang Dam.

TcR Gunner Squad vs  Panda Bandits
Zavod 311
Round 1 : TcR 0 – 152 SSG
Round 2 : TcR 0 – 186 SSG

Lancang Dam
Round 1 : TcR 0 – 217 SSG
Round 2 : TcR 0 – 219 SSG

ALG Phantom Knights vs Panda Bandits
Zavod 311
Round 1 : ALG 0 – 124 SSG
Round 2 : ALG 0 – 179 SSG

Lancang Dam
Round 1 : ALG 0 – 160 SSG
Round 2 : ALG 0 – 136 SSG

Sad to say this, but its the truth, there is still such a big difference between the 2 top divisions of the league. Its still good fun play against the teams and we are still learning new things from other teams, be they strong or weak. Good to see that the weaker teams are still trying. – PeStil3nc3

Maersk played their first game of the playoff on Sunday. After having gone through the winter leg winless, Maersk were eager to turn that around. Our first opponent was [dM]ReCoil. It had been a little while since we had come up against them in a DGL match.  The ReCoil guys came at us all guns blazing. It was tough going, there were a lot of silly mistakes. We had enough to come out with the win in the end, 2 – 0.

SSG CN 45 – 0 RU dM
SSG RU 0 – 1 CN dM

SSG CN 31 – 0 US dM
SSG US 16 – 0 CN dM

Relieved to get a win. Our next game is against NSD and that will be quite tough. We just going one game at a time right now. – TheVovo

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