Winter Playoffs – Week 3

bf4bannerBattlefield 4
Panda Bandits
Week 3 was time for Prodigy. A very strong team, that made Panda Bandits lose focus a few times and also a lot of tickets in the game. Lancang Dam and “Danie”Zone were the maps played. On Lancang Dam, Panda Bandits held the mainland’s flag quite comfortably with a few skirmishes here and there, but the Naval warfare was in Prodigy’s favour as they supported there attack boat very well.

Lancang Dam
Round 1 : SSG 147 – 0 Prod
Round 2 : SSG 112 – 0 Prod

On Floodzone (DanieZone) it was chaotic all round. No-one really held a specific flag for too long, but Panda Bandits held them longer.

Round 1 : SSG 75 – 0 Prod
Round 2 : SSG 78 – 0 Prod

It was definitely a very intense game, so far the hardest in the playoffs. Prodigy caught us off guard a few times and it cost us a few tickets that we could’ve easily kept. – PeStil3nc3

Week 3 was set to be a double header for Maersk. IFX and BFC were lined up as opposition, unfortunately though IFX had run into personnel issues and had to forfeit the game. Its not a nice way to get a win. Which left us just to face BFC on the Sunday night.

We had played BFC previously, so we had some idea of what to expect from the game. We went through the motions on siege and gained the advantage early on. We were a bit slow in the first round. We shook that off, and showed the business side of things in round 2.

We may have burnt out a little, or overheated a bit there. Our performance on lancang dam was lack luster at best. While we manged to hold the island flag for long periods of time, we struggled clearing people off rooftops. We did win the first round, the second round went badly from the start though. BFC had managed to get people camped on our base flag from the get go, and we just could not do a good enough job of releasing the pressure. Since they won the second round of lancang with more tickets, we were forced to go to the tie breaker map which was Hainan Resort.

The third map was also a tough encounter. We struggled all through maps two and three. We were just not performing well as a team. First round on Hainan we had managed to win the initial chopper engagement. but struggled fro a long time to capture the middle flag. They had also kept us under pressure on our base flag. Fortunately we also kept pressure on their base flag, and our infantry worked between those two flags to try help keep the majority of the flags. Round two saw us lose the advantage very quickly when our chopper went down. They used the advantage to good effect to win the round. We had struggled through the second round to get the tickets below what was required. As soon as we had won we then slacked off.

Siege of Shanghai
SSG CN 110 – 0 US BFC
SSG US 194 – 0 CN BFC

Lancang Dam
SSG RU 80 – 0 CN BFC
SSG CN 0 – 129 RU BFC

Hainan Resort
SSG CN 98 – 0 US BFC
SSG US 0 – 62 CN BFC

A really tough game against BFC. We didn’t function well as a unit, and as a result we resorted to trying some rambo tactics which didn’t pay off. We look forward to playing pulse, which will be our last game of the playoff. It should hopefully also seal our promotion into the premier league again for the next leg. DGC playoffs here we come… – TheVovo

banner_dota2Dota 2
Week 3 !Tetris had 3 games planned. We played against EFO, S17, Glaciem


!Tetris Draft:
Ember Spirit

EFO Draft:
Sand King
Death Prophet
Wraith King

The game started off really slow, they had allot of team fight and from previous games we knew the silencer was a good pickup.
We put the silencer in the core position and it was really doing well against their offlane Tidehunter and secured a quick first blood against him.
As the game progressed we started of building a lead, only taking fights when we had silencer ulti and getting the necessary farm on our Ember Spirit which turned into our core in the mid game stages.
From there they got a quick blink on their SK and the team fights was really back and forth, we knew that if we lost a fight their line up could push down a rax quickly so we only took fights that we knew we were going to win.
In the end we had really good initiation from our Brewmaster and a double silence to follow it up with in the team fights and that was just too much for them to handle, the last fight ended with Bonedoggy pulling off an amazing 5 man
black hole and we got mega creeps off that. GG to everyone!
SSG Wins 1-0


SSG VS S17 Cykas

!Tetris Draft:
Sand King
Templar Assasin
Shadow Shaman

S17 Draft:
Centaur Warrunner

This game was probably one of the best games we have played in a while, I think we slighly out drafted them and in the beginning our lanes got exceptionally farmed. Doom had a Midas in 4 minutes with our Templar Assassin in the mid lane also winning the lane quite convincingly
Their Slardar got a quick blink online and I knew they were gna play a heavy ganking line up with that, But we just continued to farm, our Supports always had vision on them and we avoided all early team fights till our SK and Tidehunter got their blinks online. We knew
that they could not win that team fight and we took fights when our ultimate’s were online. We continued to out farm them and when winning team fights our shadow shaman made it really easy for us to take towers. Our TA played by Wolly went a mass DPS build and started to almost 2 shot most of the heroes on
their side. GG WP!
SSG Wins 1-0


SSG VS Glaciem eSports

!Tetris Draft:
Shadow Shaman
Ancient Apparition
Ember Spirit

Glaciem Draft:

!Tetris started of really bad as the enemy went with an aggressive trillane with the Undying, Viper and Jakiro. We struggled to get farm and they got 2 early kills on us with the amount of slow and damage coming out from their trilane. After not being able to do anything
in the safe lane we sent our supports to just roam with our spectre getting nothing but levels. The rotations helped a bit and we secured a few kills middle on their Razer which got Ember Spirit some farm. Ember is one of Wolly’s Signature heroes and it got us motivated that
he also got some farm. On our offlane we saw Tide really doing well against their safe lane weaver and he secured a really quick blink. Our Spectre really got nothing in the early stages and just tried to farm while the rest of our team pushed and tried to make pick off’s with
the Tidehunter ulti. I tried to just tank with Spectre going for a Vanguard, Blade mail and Heart build and it paid off in the mid game when they kept focusing me while ember just did a ton of damage. They tried to push high ground and even with their big lead they did not manage to
get the rax. I am really proud of this game as we showed allot of patience through the game when playing from far behind. SSG WP!
SSG Wins 1-0


Patience from Zhou wins games! 😀

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