Winter Leg – Week 3 Rundown

  bf4bannerTeam Maersk

Week 3 sets Maersk against xTc.Black Legion, a top performer from the premier league. Another tough encounter, in prem all encounters are tough. Razerfox easily defeated his opponent in the defib battle. The map elim went fine, we got maps that we could handle. We just lost to a more organised and rapidly responsive team. They had our number, especially on Zavod.

Maersk vs xTc.Black Legion
SSG CN 0 – 118 US xTc
SSG US 0 – 188 CN xTc
SSG US 0 – 219 RU xTc
SSG RU 0 – 196 US xTc

The team is undergoing some changes. So it’s a bit stressful and tough, but the future is looking positive I think. We just need to keep working on it together each week. – TheVovo

Team Panda Bandits

For week 3 Panda Bandits went against the reigning champs of Battlefield, Bravado gaming. Going in confident for the game really helped the team, but not enough as BvD bested Panda Bandits. In the end BvD took all 4 rounds due to extraordinary play from their side, and some technicality issues on Panda Bandits’ side.

Panda Bandits vs Bravado Gaming

Round 1 : SSG 0 – 124 BvD
Round 2 : SSG 0 – 182 BvD

Round 1 : SSG 0 – 199 BvD
Round 2 : SSG 0 – 116 BvD

tmnbannerWeek 3 saw some intense racing for the SSG Trackmania players with Pixelated coming out on top over the rest of the team and maintaining a podium finish in his group.

Overall Standing:

3rd [SSG]Pixelated – 882
4th [SSG]Heckers – 881

Pixelated remarked on his week 3 performance with the following comment:


This week went much better for me, I managed a fourth on the tech track, and a third on the speed track. Heckers placed fifth on tech and fourth on speed.
My goal was to beat Heckers and I managed that. We are also in a battle vs Chucky who is currently tied with Heckers in fourth, after beating both of us this week. – Pixelated

banner_sc2The SSG Starcraft 2 side had mixed results this week but overall kept up the pace and most are looking at finishing strong this leg and preparing for the finals!

Luke maintained his strong form and is looking for a top 2 finish in his first division group in order to advance to Premier! Slider had a very close game with log leader Drager but was ousted in the end.

Premier division:
[SSG] Slider lost to VnR|Drager in a close series 2-1
[SSG] Vortex got a default win over [Vent]ValpraX after ValpraX did not pitch for the specified time and thus forfeit
First Division:
[SSG] Luke beat WRG][Idjit 2-0
[SSG] Mogar had a bye this week
[SSG] OtterKing will get a default win over Reaver as Reaver did not manage to organise a game time.

StarCraft 2 Captain Dup commented on his teams performance:

Everyone is training hard for their games to come and it seems to be paying off. Things are going well for everyone in the team, hopefully we can keep it up and maintain our high standard. Really great work coming from the guys, it’s awesome to see. – Dup

On an international level, there was also HSC IX this week which is a big premier tournament with a relaxed atmosphere that garnered some of the best players in SC2. Taeja defended his title and now many declare it TaejaStoryCup as he has won the title three times in a row in dominating fashion. Interestingly, he only has lots 2 BoX games which were this cup and to foreigners Snute and Scarlett! For more of the HSC IX highlights, see here.

banner_dota2SSG !Tetris had a lackluster week this week as after preparing for their week 3 match, their opponents had to forfeit and !Tetris was awarded the win!

Recently there have also been numerous game balance changes to Dota 2, it will be interesting to see if they have an effect on the local scene and if so how it will all play out! The changes can be seen here.

hearthstonebannerWeek 3 Matches

[SSG] Slider 0-3 Scant

[SSG] Slider 1-3 Twakkie

[SSG] Himera 3-2 MrBeckerling

Overall this week’s hearthstone results were strong with Himera managing a good win over his opponent. Unfortunately Slider lost to Scant and Twakkie in some good games, get them next time! GG WP!

I was disappointed in my performance this week however Carl played a very good game to win, will prepare better for next week! – Slider

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