Winter Leg – Week 8 Rundown

Week 8 is the final week of the Winter leg. Here is what went down with the folks at SSG. Upcoming action :Panda Bandits and Maersk both going into the Premier playoff for Battlefield 4, !Tetris will be competing in the Breakthorugh playoff for Dota 2banner_sc2Starcraft 2
Slider 2:1 Vortex
Mogar 0:2 WRG][Tohatzu
Luke vs ReaVeR: Reaver has retired
OtterKing wasn’t able to play his match

Vortex vs VnR|Static 0-2
Slider vs p_MackyBoi 2-0

bf4bannerBattlefield 4
Panda Bandits
The final game for SSG Panda Bandits was agaisnt ApG Apollo. It has been a long and anticapated wait for this game to take place and it went down on Zavod 311 and Floodzone. Both teams were very strong and adament to get that win but ApG took it in the end.

Zavod 311
Round 1 : SSG 0 – 2 ApG
Round 2 : SSG 0 – 90 ApG

Round 1 : SSG 0 – 117 ApG
Round 2 : SSG 0 – 44 ApG

Although we knew that winning or loosing this game wouldn’t change our ranking on the log we gave it our all. Apollo has really gotten strong and deserver to be in Prem. It was a very tough game to play but I’m sure we all also enjoyed it atleast. Just want to say thanks to Daskro and SnookPhalanges for casting the game. – PeStil3nc3

Week 8 Game – [ DC ] eLement
We had put quite a bit of work into readdressing a couple of maps. Even though Razerfox was unlucky to lose the defibrillator elimination. we still manage to get 2 of the 3 maps that we had worked on. Our initial rollouts went fine, its just that immediately after that we were too slow to make the necessary moves on either map. While we did try to compete, it was always an uphill battle. The last round of Siege was evidence of us capitulating .

Hainan Resort
SSG US 0 – 114 CN DC
SSG CN 0 – 146 US DC

Seige of Shanghai
SSG CN 0 – 97 US DC
SSG US 0 – 198 CN DC

Pick and Play Game – [NSD]Retribution
Our final game of the winter leg. The organising of the game was a juggling act. everybody trying to squeeze in the final week game and their pick and play game. We had spent some time working on rollouts and such on some different maps, and that broadened our opportunity during the elimination. Razerfox slammed Soutiefied in the defib elimination, almost like Soutified was not at his keyboard. A big mistake on the rollout of floodzone cause our lav to be c4’d within a minute of the start, leaving us in trouble from the get go. We did fight back hard, we went from 37 – 226 to 0 – 148, which shows that we can get things done from time to time. The second round was more of the same on floodzone. Lancang dam was a struggle due to their domination of B flag, leaving us running around trying to fight for the remaining two.

SSG US 0 – 148 CN NSD
SSG CN 0 – 208 US NSD

Lancang Dam
SSG RU 0 – 226 CN NSD
SSG CN 0 – 200 RU NSD

Our focus is the Premier playoff. If we can do well there, we can then try book our place at DGC. Its going to be a long hard fight, we have all the components – just need to put them together. – TheVovo

banner_dota2Dota 2
Unfortunately, !Tetris were forced to forfeit their game in week 8 due to a player having left in the prior week, and not having a sub available.

Premier Division
Slider 3 – 2 [eAe]Fafa
Second Division
Himera_ZA 3 – 0 [RsD]Draco Salieri
Himera_ZA 0 – 3 kknP.DeMoNiK forfeit loss on the pnp game, had no power, league ended.
Slider had a pick and play game in the final week, Himera_ZA had his last weeks game and a pick and play game to complete. Slider had a very tough game against Fafa, managing a close 3 – 2 win. Getting wins with his Shaman, Druid, and Warrior decks. Himera_ZA made short work of his week 8 opponent, taking an easy 3 – 0 victory. Unfortunately Himera_ZA had to forfeit his last game due to it being scheduled for the last day of the leg, and then being rendered powerless by Eskom for the day. Unlucky to not even get a chance to even get an extension.

#3 Heckers – 2359
#5 Pixelated! – 2335

It was a good winterleg for both Heckers and I. He worked hard and has improved a lot. Heckers was chosen as the “most improved” player by the community. He earned himself a solid third. I’m happy with my fifth and look forward to future legs/comps. We will most likely be moving over to TM2 for the future. – Pixelated

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