Winter Leg – Week 7 Rundown

#3 Heckers – 2062
#5 Pixelated! – 2044

Week 7 went very well for me. I managed a first on the speed track and a reasonable 3rd on the tech track, overall I managed winning the week gaining 297 points. Heckers finished 5th overall for the week gaining 247 points with a 2nd place on speed and a 5th on tech. – Pixelated!

banner_dota2Dota 2
SSG Faced of against TSL – Alpha and due to personal reasons were down a player, as w0tness left the team. We had to use a reserve and we won the first game pretty convincingly. Game 2 we made a mistake by trying to smoke gang at the start and lost 4 heroes because of their superior early game. Game 3 went well at the start, we managed to get an early lead but their draft in the mid game was stronger than ours. They took the game, final result 2-1.

banner_sc2Starcraft 2
Slider 0-2 VnR|StatiC
Vortex 0 – 2 VnR|Cort
Luke 2 – 0 VnR|GuMMie
OtterKing 1 – 2 WRG][Idjit
Mogar 1 – 2 xTc.Slade

Game 1 against Gummie was on Frost, I went nexus first and he went reaper, which worked out very well from me. That gave me a big economic boost and I just had enough units to defend his 2 base attack. I survived with 3 bases so it was GG. Game 2 was on Habitation, and it was closer than the previous game, but I managed to tech enough to get my deathball and win with a superior army composition. – Luke

bf4bannerBattlefield 4
Panda Bandits
In Week 7 we saw Panda Bandits take on DM. It was a thrilling match that went all the way to a third map. It was a tough night for both teams and everyone gave it their best. Even though Panda Bandits had a good start to the series, DM came out on top, taking the second and third map.

Flood Zone
Round 1 : SSG 11 – 0 DM
Round 2 : SSG 116 – 0 DM

Zavod 311
Round 1 : SSG 0 – 44 DM
Round 2 : SSG 0 – 169 DM

Hainan Resort
Round 1 : SSG 0 – 175 DM
Round 2 : SSG 0 – 46 DM

We started out great, taking a convincing win on flood-zone. Our rotations were just going very well, and it seems to be a map most of the team enjoys. Zavod started out amazing, we took down their entire team on inital and instantly got the 3 flag burn. We underestimated a buggy going to back flag though. We wasted a lot of time on the back flag, which is how they managed to pull it back. They ended up winning both rounds on zavod and then proceeded to completely out play us on Hainen Resort. Overall the team did do well though, and we know what to work on for the future. – Pixelated!

Week 7 had us against BzK-Furia. We were pretty amped for the game. We struggled with our initial pushes on the first map, Siege of Shanghai. It resulted in lots of struggle with them having domination of the air. We gave them a good fight though. We won the first round of Hainan resort. Our chopper was boss. Round 2 they rushed our back flag which we struggled to clear. Eventually we were running around like an u/8 soccer team chasing the ball. Almost, but not quite there yet.

SSG US 0 – 166 CN BZK
SSG CN 0 – 60 US BZK

SSG CN 50 – 0 US BZK
SSG US 0 – 126 CN BZK

We have two games left, we’re really gunning to get a win. We continue to work on our game. – TheVovo

The game was also streamed by LevelBF. I’m not sure how long the stream will remain up, but here is a link to it:

Premier Division
Slider 3 – 0 LiB.Plic
Slider 3 – 0 RaiN.756

Second Division
Himera_ZA 0 – 0 WRG][SwithiN Match result to be determined by DGL Admins

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