Winter Leg – Week 6 Rundown

Battlefield 4
Panda Bandits
In Week 6 we see Panda Bandits take on NSD Retribution. It was a very exciting and long night since the match dragged out to just after 11pm but what a game it was. The game was played on 3 maps, meaning that it was a very evenly matched game. They played on Lancang Dam, Zavod 311 and Hainan Resort. (A map that NSD and SSG practiced on a lot together)

Lancang Dam
Round 1 : SSG 0 – 192 NSD
Round 2 : SSG 154 – 0 NSD

Zavod 311
Round 1 : SSG 119 – 0 NSD
Round 2 : SSG 9 – 0 NSD

Hainan Resort
Round 1 : SSG 0 – 108 NSD
Round 2 : SSG 0 – 48 NSD

After that first round of Lancang we just had to pull our act together and it went very well from there. We were constantly leading the game up until an unfortunate player drop on the first round of Hainan, we just don’t know what happened after that. It was by far the most fun game I have had thus far. Funnily enough Th3NaRRoW and I planned ahead and knew which maps we would play depending who would win the defib round – PeStil3nc3

Week 6 saw Maersk up against Bravado Gaming. Many members of the Bravado team had been involved in the ESL Country Championship of BF4, who had literally just beat team Finland in the final. Their form proved to be too good, and took the win in two straight maps.

Siege of Shanghai
SSG CN 0 – 93 US bvd
SSG US 0 – 225 CN bvd

Lancang Dam
SSG RU 0 – 171 CN bvd
SSG CN 0 – 204 RU bvd

We’ve started off well again, and lost the plot under pressure. Basically sums up the Winter Leg of the DGL for us so far. We’ll keep working at it. – TheVovo

Starcraft 2
Slider 0 – 2 VnR|Cort.Corsair
Vortex 0 – 2 bvd.Skiblet
Luke vs  OtterKing to be decided. No thread reply by Otterking
Mogar 0 – 2 [GSS]-ForEveR-
Unfortunately, not a great week for us. Very tough games for everyone. Hopefully we can pick it up next week but some decent games were had against very strong opponents.

banner_dota2Dota 2
Team !Tetris had bye this week.

Premier League
Slider 3 – 1 eC|SelfmOorD
Second Division
Himera_ZA 3 – 0 =VTG= The Chop
Slider had a tense start to his game. Taking the first round, and then losing the second. However he did prove to be too strong from there. The switch back to his trusty Warlock pack proved to be too much for SelfmOorD. Himera_ZA had a forfeit win this week, his opponent failing to even comment on the game thread.

#3 Heckers 1768
#5 Pixelated! 1747
Our drivers each climbed a rung on the ladder. Heckers in third with CHUCKY in fourth, Pixelated! just below them in fifth position. The one position is the only thing separating Heckers and Pixelated! at this point. Things are gonna go down to the wire.

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