Winter Leg – Week 5 Rundown

banner_dota2Dota 2
Week 5’s game: We went in with our heads up high. We faced off against Midas Gaming who was undefeated thus far and we  still needed our first win.

We have really been playing a lot. Practising different heroes, which we were keen to try it out.

Game 1 was a very tough early game for our boys. We gave away first blood, and really struggled against their aggressive tri-lane. They got early kills on our tri-lane, and had developed quite a big lead early in the game. While this was happening, our mid ‘Wolly‘, farmed up really well on his Templar Assassin. He got a really quick blink, which helped for picking off their supports in team fights.

Through the mid game we started fighting back, and started winning the 5v5 team fights more convincingly every time. Midas gaming knew they could not win the team fights against us. They started to split push a bit. A small mistake from their side pushing while we had aegis and cheese cost them a double rax. From there it was just downhill for them. SSG Tetris managed to take game 1.

Game 2 went even better for Tetris. The enemy team could not deal with our TA so we drafted her again. We secured first blood, and made good rotations to shut down their carry. Wolly, once again in the mid lane, got exceptional farm. He was dominant, and picked off all their heroes even before a fight could start.

SSG took the series 2-0 and im really proud of the guys :) MVP +SSG+Wolly for his exceptional TA plays 😀


bf4bannerBattlefield 4
Panda Bandits
Week 5 was a game against SSG Panda Bandits and DC Element. SSG looked forward to play against Element again for they haven’t played them in a quite a while. Although SSG beat them in the past on Floodzone, but for this game Element surprised the Bandits and took the game from under their feet. The maps played were Hainan Resort and Floodzone.

Hainan Resort
Round 1 : SSG 0 – 147 DC
Round 2 : SSG 0 – 131 DC

Round 1 : SSG 19 – 0 DC
Round 2 : SSG 0 – 33 DC

Ag to be honest we didn’t really perform at all the night. We responded to slow, our initial pushes were bad etc… It was just a bad night for us, not that I’m taking anything away from Element, they got a lot stronger. I just feel that we could’ve done better. Also just want to say thanks to Sexy_Jonny and Slippery Duck for casting out game. – PeStil3nc3

DGL 22June14 DC vs SSG map1 Hainan Resort

DGL 22June14 DC vs SSG Map2 Flood Zone

Week 5 saw us up against ApG.Apollo. It seems that several of Maersk‘s game have gone this way in premier division. A tale of two maps, highly competitive on one and overwhelmed on the second. This week was a similar affair with Hainan resort being highly contested, but rogue transmission was one way traffic in the favour of ApG.

Hainan Resort
SSG US 0 – 100 CN ApG
SSG CN 9 – 0 US ApG

Rogue Transmission
SSG US 0 – 209 CN ApG
SSG CN 0 – 210 US ApG

Its been a frustrating time for us, we get into a decent position but are unable to see it through to the end. I believe things are improving bit by bit. Hopefully the first win isnt too far off, which should lead to more. – TheVovo

banner_sc2Starcraft 2
Slider 0 – 2 bvd.Skiblet
Vortex 2 – 1 enjoy
Luke 2 – 0  [OC]Cloud
Otterking hasn’t been decided by admins vs ventus.Conspiracy
Mogar bye week
Decent results this week. Slider taking an unfortunate loss to the ex dgc champ, Skiblet, and Vortex with an impressive win over enjoy. Luke continuing to have consistant form, beating Cloud, a decent player 2-0.

Premier Division
Slider 3 – 0 +SFL+Shagga
Slider 3 – 1 DarkWingDan
Second Division
Himera_ZA 3 – 0 D5g`AIR-W-OLF
Week 5 sees Slider turn things around with two good wins, and Himera_ZA keeps powering on with another strong result.

#4 Heckers – 1473
#6 Pixelated! – 1451

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