Winter Leg – Week 4 Rundown

Slow and steady wins the race, at least thats what somebody told me. Come to think of it, they were quite slow…. anyway. Here’s week 4’s roundup.
Week 4 sees us approach the mid-stage of the winter leg. Here’s what our guys have been getting up to:

Week 4 was a brilliant week for Heckers in Trackmania, he managed to take 1st on the speed track and 4th on the tech track. I didn’t really put in effort this week. Finished 5th and 8th.
bf4bannerBattlefield 4
Week 4 was a very intense game for Panda Bandits. After losing to BvD in week 3, Panda Bandits knew they had to start winning some games. The week’s game was against BzK Furia and the game dragged out to 3 maps. BzK took the first round but it was a very close game. On Lockers Panda Bandits had the better defense setup.

Hainan Resort
SSG 0 – 22 bzk
SSG 0 – 27 bzk

SSG 0 – 155 bzk
SSG 167 – 0 bzk

SSG 0 – 51bzk
SSG 126 – 0 bzk

I say this in all honesty, that I was very impressed with the team’s performance this day. 95% of the calls were done correctly, followed, and the game went smoothly. Not just that but the game was actually fun for me. I’m sure the whole team can agree with that. It seldomly happens where we really do enjoy a match 100%, but this game definitely was fun. – PeStil3nc3

Maersk had a tough battle in midweek with Pulse.Evolve. The Pulse team have been in dominant form thus far, winning all of their games in the winter leg. Log leader vs Log feeder.

SSG US 0 – 219 CN Pulse
SSG CN 0 – 206 US Pulse
SSG CN 0 – 186 US Pulse
SSG US 0 – 200 CN Pulse

They came at us hard. And they were relentless. They generated momentum all the time, and even when we seemed to get small victories we were too flat to follow it through. – TheVovo

banner_sc2Starcraft 2
in 1st div:
Luke beat WRG]PLuTo 2-1
Otterking beat [W2C]Betelgeuse 2-0
Mogar lost to VnR|GangreL 2-0
in premier
Slider beat Enjoy 2-0
Vortex lost to VnR|Drager 2-0
Luke had this to report on his week 4 matches and on the overall performance of the team so far:

Game 1 was on Habitation Station, and I tried to be fancy by doing a double gas steal since it’s easy to do on that map and I saw Pating do it. Unfortunately I didn’t scout my main base  and I lost to a proxy 2 gate. Games 2 and 3 I just played safely and scouted properly and I won. I’m pretty impressed with SSG’s DGL performance, pretty much everyone seems to be doing well. Hopefully we can have 3 or 4 players in premier soon. – Luke

banner_dota2Dota 2
Week 4 – Tetris played against nM#yolo.
Tetris 1 – 2 nM#yolo

It felt in game 1 like our practice paid off, and we were playing really well as a team. We took game 1. When playing game 2, nM#yolo had a solid lineup. They managed to even out the game 1-1, taking us to a tie breaker game 3. Game 3 started off really well, our Gyro getting 3 kills against the enemy Dark Seer. We saw them fighting back with smoke gangs and early pushes on our towers. After their enigma had his BKB, they started to 5 man push. Our Wombo Combo lineup simply was not enough. –  Electron

Premier Division
Slider 2 – 3 LiB.Fancy-Pants
Second Division
Himera_ZA 3 – 0 [sG]Miritar

A bit of a mixed bag in Hearthstone this week. The highly contested mid-table portion of premier division proving just too tough for Slider this week. Himera_ZA though easily overwhelming his opponent in Second division action.

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