Winter Leg – Week 2 Rundown

Week 2, what did we have for you? Here we go with a roundup of our SSG players in the DGL

banner_sc2StarCraft 2
Premier Div:
[SSG] Slider vs Ventus.ValpraX 2-0
[SSG] Vortex vs Ventus.Intuition 2-0
1st Div:
[SSG] OtterKing vs VnR|Gummie suffered availability and scheduling issues. Game was marked as a tie.
[SSG] Luke vs VnR|TantrumTeddy 2-0
[SSG] Mogar vs VnR|Advent 2-1
Open Div:
[SSG] PhuZa forfeit vs [AG] foxxRSA

Overall I am very happy with the team’s performance in weeks 1 and 2. Most of the results have been wins however it is unfortunate that PhuZa had to forfeit due to other commitments and I hope to not see a repeat of this in the future. OtterKing, Luke and Mogar are tearing up first division and sit top of their first divison groups respectively. Slider grabbed a big win vs ValpraX too with his clinical macro terran play! Overall, good job guys and keep it up! – Vortex


Battlefield 4
In Week 2 of the Winter leg we see some clan on clan battles between Panda Bandits and Maersk. As per usual Razerfox outslanged PeStil3nc3 in the defib matchup. Allowing Maersk to eliminate the extra map. Razerfox‘s snake tactics also put an end to PeStil3nc3’s “defib winning streak”.

Lancang Dam
Round 1 : Panda Bandits 104 – 0 Maersk
Round 2 : Panda Bandits 0 – 30 Maersk

Zavod 311
Round 1 : Panda Bandits 143 – 0 Maersk
Round 2 : Panda Bandits 161 – 0 Maersk

We went into the game knowing which maps to elim against Maersk. Regardless, we still underestimated them on Lancang Dam. Their methods of taking out our Attack Boat worked very well and got the driver flustered at times. As well as keeping bodies on A and C made it difficult for us to get them off of the flags. – PeStil3nc3

We knew we were in for a tough battle. We made quite a few mistakes on Lancang, we were unable to recover in Round 1. Round 2 was also a bit of a rollercoaster, but we ended strongly. On Zavod we were too flat-footed, and they were able to dictate the play. Unfortunately, we were unable to make a comeback. WP PB! – TheVovo

banner_dota2Dota 2

!Tetris played their first DGL game in week 2. Game 1 went pretty convincingly in our favour where our slark got good farm against their offlane batrider, while our aggressive trilane did some substantial damage against theirs and kept their carry from farming. We took the first game but unfortunately in game 2 and 3 KYS came back strong with some good team fighting heroes and took the series 2-1. We learned alot from this game and we will be practicing hard to get on form again. Our lineup changed with Markus ‘W0tness‘ Kuhne a old Heroes of Newerth Veteran joining us in the carry position and our previous carry moving to support. – Electron


Overall standing:
3rd Heckers : 588 points
4th Pixelated! : 587 points

A much stronger week for Heckers seems him get the jump on Pixelated! on the overall standings, placing 3rd in both the speed and technical maps for the week. Pixelated! managed a 4th on the technical map and an 8th on the speed map. Good racing Gents!

Slider 3 – 2 Dethilian
Himera_ZA 3 – 0 RagingTiger
Himera_ZA 3- 1 LivingBane (PnP1)
Slider came through a tough encounter in premier league action. While Himera_ZA easily dealt with his opposition.

Overall the team is performing well in HS. I am top of my group. Recently Slider beat one of two SA players that have achieved legend status, which is quite a feat! – Himera_ZA

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