Winter Leg – Week 1 Rundown

Back into action, Back into the swing of things. The winter leg commences…

[SSG] Vortex 2 – 0 p_MackyBoi
[SSG] Slider 2 – 0 ventus.Intuition
[SSG] Mogar 2 – 1 D5g`kaptein
[SSG] Luke 0 – 2 ventus.Consp1racy
[SSG] PhuZA 2 – 0 D²|JediVook|²D
[SSG] OtterKing 2 – 0 VnR|TantrumTeddy

A solid start so far for the team. A lot of tough matches for everyone but we managed to get the best of most of our games. Unfortunate loss for Luke, he had a very tough opponent and played admirably. Vortex was able to best a very strong opponent who has been very consistant in his ability in the DGL. Overall a great outcome. Hopefully we can keep it up.

 I was quite satisfied with my performance this week, good start to the new season. I had played Intuition before recently so i was feeling confident but it is never a good idea to underestimate your opponent. The first game was quite back and forth, i was behind after taking a bad engagement early but i managed to win out with drops and sustained pressure in the end. The second game Intuition was going to try a roach allin but after seeing me scout him he opted out and went for a normal game which left him behind in the midgame and I managed to overrun him with my mmmm (Marines, Medivacs, Marauders and Widow Mines). I’m really proud of the of the team, everyone else won all their games convincingly and I know Luke would’ve put up a good fight.— Slider

Panda Bandits
The winter leg started and we see Panda Bandits taking on Pulse Gaming’s Evolve team in the Prem league. It was Panda Bandits’s first official Prem game for BF4, although the Bandits have put in a lot of practice during the playoffs and small break they had, the game lead to an unfortunate loss for the Bandits.
The maps Zavod and Dawnbreaker were played.
Zavod 311
Round 1 : SSG 0 – 103 puLse
Round 2 : SSG 0 – 127 puLse

Round 1 : SSG 0 – 120 puLse
Round 2 : SSG 36 – 0 puLse

Given it was our first game of the Premier League I felt we really did well. There is however still lots of room for improvement, but we are getting stronger after every match. –  PeStil3nc3

In Maersk’s introductory game to the Premier League of BF4 they were to face off against [dM]Exodus. The dM team have been flexing their muscles in the premier league for a leg already, and it was going to be a tough start.
SSG CN 0 – 184 RU dM
SSG RU 0 – 190 CN dM
SSG CN 0 – 85 US dM
SSG US 0 – 202 CN dM

It was a really tough game, and especially tough since it was our first game. We need to improve if we’re going to compete in prem. – TheVovo



Pixelated! reports in:
Week 1 of the TrackMania DGL started out rather well for me. I was doing okay on the tech track, but the speed track agreed with me for some reason. I quickly set the track record. After some time I managed to get some good runs on the tech track. I was aiming for third place, but Chucky beat me out by a few tenths. I did however manage a really good day on the speed track. I managed to set two rather disturbingly quick times in sequence, which basically secured my victory on the track.

Heckers was having a slow start to the week. He slowly built up through the week and managed to set some good times. With two days to go, he set a decent time on the speed track gaining him second place. Though on the final day, two others managed to squeeze past, moving him down to fourth.


Unfortunately due to internetlessness and pc issues !Tetris had to forfeit their first game. Hopefully all the issues are resolved for Week 2.

Week 1 saw Slider in action against TreNd, in premier league, and Himera_ZA up against ㄨNeGaㄨKiller_Ninja, in the first division. Slider took the win 3-1. Varying his classes quite a bit using Shaman vs Druid, Shaman vs Rogue, Druid vs Rogue, Druid vs warlock.  Himera_ZA made a cleansweep of his game, winning 3-0. His Warlock was clearly too strong on the day.

Thats a wrap on Week 1. Bring on Week2. Good Gaming!

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