2013 Starcraft 2 Global Finals Recap

This past weekend, Blizzard held the biggest Starcraft 2 event of the year namely the Starcraft 2 World Championship Series Global Finals, taking place at Blizzcon.

(note this is a recap article featuring some of Blizzcon’s events, there will be spoilers!)

I will recap on some of the more notable players, the best series and more…

An amalgamation of the best Starcraft 2 players this year came together to battle it out in some incredibly epic 1v1 games. The WCS Format is a new format that has only come into existence this year, it has been welcomed by mixed feedback. The WCS system is simple, Blizzard has established three Premier Tournaments, each in the major SC2 regions namely that of WCS Korea, WCS Europe and WCS North America. There are three seasons per year, the players compete in their respective region (however players from Korea, EU, NA can participate in other regions if they want to) and then the top four per region at the end of the season play at the season finals. Bar the money, the entire point of these events is to get WCS points and then come the end of season 3, the top 16 players in WCS points qualify for the global finals.

WCS 2013 points system

The global finals brought together a very diverse group of SC2 pro’s, some new, some old, some Brood War legends. Unfortunately for foreigner fans, only Naniwa – Swedish Protoss on team Alliance – advanced to the global finals and he was quickly stomped by a Korean zerg in the form of Soulkey, a WCS season 1 finals winner. There were 15 Koreans at the event however they qualified because they were the best so, maybe the foreigners will have better luck next year! The event itself was spectacular and well organised. The main stage had two booths whereby the players who would play for the Main Stream participated.

(C)2013 Kevin Chang


The more notable players that qualified for the global finals were namely:

Jaedong (Zerg)


Jaedong is a BroodWar legend, often cited as the best Zerg (if not the best player) in BroodWar closely rivaled by Savior. Since 2007, Jaedong managed to win four major titles, lead his team to a Proleague title and keep up an astounding win rate, at times his win rate was as high as ~75% which is insane at a Professional level of play. Jaedong’s play has always been that of fury personified, he does relentless aggression and never lets his opponents breathe and he did the exact same thing at Blizzcon. Jaedong’s current win rates are rather impressive however it must be taken into account that at times he has been competing against weaker players as he participates in WCS NA whose player base is considerably weaker than that of WCS KR however he showed at the global finals that he can take out the best.

Overall winrate: 156-91 – 63.61%

Zerg vs Zerg: 49-15 – 76.56%

Zerg vs Terran: 46-29 – 61.33%

Zerg vs Protoss: 61-47 – 56.48%

INnoVation (Terran)


INnoVation is a no-joke player, he was mediocre in Starcraft 1 but he came out with force when he switched to Starcraft 2 : Heart of the Swarm. He is both a brilliant strategist and an incredibly mechanical player, he came onto the scene and used Widow Mines to seemingly break Zerg vs Terran dismantling incredibly talented and previous WCS KR champions and making them look terrible with his insane micro and brilliant Widow Mine Control. INnoVation has a string of podium finishes behind him this year and notably won WCS finals season 1. INnoVation is like Jaedong in the respect that he is very aggressive whilst also being very talented at Macro play (or macromanagement – namely referring to managing your bases’ economy with respect to workers, spending your minerals/gas etc…). INnoVation’s strength is his mechanics, he often does the same thing however his execution of it is what forces other players to make mistakes and whilst they make mistakes, he doesn’t miss a beat…

Overall winrate: 134-58 – 69.79%

Terran vs Terran: 35-31 – 53.03%

Terran vs Zerg: 51-15 – 77.27%

Terran vs Protoss: 48-12 – 80%

Dear (Protoss)

Dear - (C) by TeamLiquid

Dear is an incredibly talented player whose macro and crisp build orders often grab him the win. His ability to plan builds for his opponent and to sometimes whip out new builds that no-one has even seen make him a force to be reckoned with. Dear is no push-over and his strategical play and clinical macro style are frightening. Dear has performed incredibly well recently as he only participated in WCS KR in season 2 and has come out winning not only the Season 3 KR finals but also the world finals for WCS Season 3, banking him enough points to catapult him to the Grand Finals. Dear only participated for WCS in season 2 and qualified through Challenger League whereby he came 5th-6th in the WCS Season 2 finals, hence his achievement of reaching the global finals is incredible as he had ~1/3 the time of the other players to do so.

Overall winrate: 73-37 – 66.06%

Protoss vs Terran: 25-10 – 71.43%

Protoss vs Zerg: 22-11 – 66.67%

Protoss vs Protoss: 25-16 – 60.98%



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As you can see the event had some very tight games with some incredible upsets. Namely the fact that duckdeok who won WCS EU this year managed to knock out INnoVation in the round of 16. This was hardly a foreseeable event as many anticipated that INnoVation would trump the whole tournament. I will recap on the series many thought was the best.

Clash of Old vs New – Jaedong (Z) vs Maru(T):

This would be a tough series for Jaedong as ZvT is not his strongest and Maru’s multitasking is off the charts. Maru manages to always trump Zergs by simply splitting their attention and forcing mistakes however without further ado, lets take a look at the games. Maru is relatively young becoming a SC2 progamer at the age of 13 whilst Jaedong has been playing Pro Starcraft (BW/SC2) for nearly a decade.

Game 1 began on Derelict Watcher with Jaedong spawning in the bottom left and with Maru spawning in the top right. Jaedong opened up with a very risky play as he went for a 10 supply spawning pool. This was not a allin as Jaedong has researched Maru and Maru often opens 15 supply Command Center which is somewhat unsafe to an early pool. Jaedong rushes zerglings to his opponent whilst Maru opens 15 Command Center, Maru spots the zerglings and cancels his Command Center and blocks off with a Command Center and Barracks as part of his wall. Maru doesn’t take critical damage however the forced cancel on his expansion has really delayed his build order. Jaedong continues to harass the wall, pulling back injured zerglings. Maru then decided to take a 3rd Command Center to catch up as Jaedong is going into heavy droning and Maru wants to keep on even terms economically. Maru tried to do a marine push out to try deny creep spread on the map however Jaedong catches the marines with his zerglings and Maru loses map vision. At around 10 minutes, Maru tries to establish a third however Jaedong denies Maru’s third base with zerglings and banelings. Maru cannot challenge as his stim is not finished. Jaedong realises that Maru’s stim is very late and he goes for a speedling/baneling flood, Maru barely holds on but takes damage and is confined to 2 bases. The game then continues with Maru only managing to establish his third at around thirteen minutes whist Jaedong’s third base has been unchallenged. Jaedong then progresses to Ling/Baneling/Mutalisk play and takes a fourth base. Out of desperation, Maru tries to do a “doom drop” into Jaedong’s base however Jaedong’s mutalisks catch Maru’s medivacs and Maru loses them all and then GG’s!

Game 2 was on Akilon wastes with Maru spawning in the top left and Jaedong spawning in the bottom right. Maru opens safe this game and goes barracks into gas to get out reapers. Jaedong does the standard play and goes hatchery first followed by a spawning pool and gets gas for zergling speed. Maru pressures with the reaper but Jaedong already has 6 zerglings and takes minimal damage. Once the reaper is low health and has to run out of combat so that it can heal (Reapers heal when not in-combat), Jaedong sneakily runs his 6 zerglings to Maru’s natural where Maru is trying to make his Command Center (he went CC on the low ground). Maru has a second reaper at the natural ramp but is not paying attention and Jaedong kills Maru’s reaper, with no defence at home. Whilst this is occuring, Maru lost his reaper at Jaedong’s base so Maru now has no defense. Jaedong’s six zerglings delays the Command Center for roughly 30 seconds. To compensate, Maru makes a third CC. Jaedong scouts the third CC (which is relatively greedy as his build order is delayed) and as such goes for a baneling bust. At around 7 minutes, Jaedong is on two bases and cranks up zergling production. At ~:10, Jaedong makes a ton of banelings and busts the natural wall of Maru at 9 minutes whilst constantly producting zerglings. Maru loses his hellions to the banelings/reaper and all his SCV’s (workers) at the natural. Jaedong then continously floods in units and Maru is left at 12 supply and must GG out. Jaedong now has a 2-0 lead in a best of 5.

Game 3 was on Bel’shir Vestige with Maru spawning in the bottom right and Jaedong spawning in the top left. This was a very standard game on a map that many consider quite Terran favored in Zerg vs Terran as there are many attack paths and medivac drop routes. Maru mixes it up and opens with a very old Wings Of Liberty build namely that of Hellion/Banshee. Jaedong scouts this with an overlord and produces extra queens and spores. Ja