+SSG+ Starcraft 2 Insta-Cup Clash Report

Currently, the DoGaming League is hosting a StarCraft 2 short-term event called the StarCraft 2 Insta-Cup Clash. The bracket is as follows:

Cup Bracket

As can be seen above, the bracket features many new and old players alike. Some of last year’s veterans namely MackyBoi, Mogar, Drager, Slider, Dup, StatiC, Red and Cort are being matched up with some fresh new talent. The SSG SC2 side has a blend of this talent pool with some of the player’s being new to SC2 competition (InspByLife or EpicF, Luke) whilst also possessing older players like Mogar, Dup and Slider.

The cup has been active and all players have participated and bar a few upsets, the games have gone as expected with the more experienced players taking out the newcomers. SSG SC2 has so far done incredibly well with four out of the five SSG players participating coming out on top in the round of 32 bracket. Here is an overview of the SSG SC2 player’s games and their plans for the 2014 season.



Thorn “Dup” du Preez had a difficult first match facing off against the likes of VnR|Frik who is no stranger to competition and has been playing SC2 for a long time. In the first game, Dup played a standard hatchery first into pool and gas. Dup droned up and upon scouting Frik’s marine pressure strategy, he delayed his third and opted to go into heavy ling production, the bet paid off as when Frik moved across the map. Dup managed to get a full surround and clean up Frik’s forces. With Frik now on the backfoot, Dup did what the legendary caster Artosis insists you should do in StarCraft: “When ahead, get more ahead”. He took two extra bases and droned up, transitioning into mutalisks. Although being two bases ahead, Frik played excellently  and used his great multitasking skills and continued to harass and drop Dup’s mineral lines however once the mutalisks popped, Dup had full map control and could deny the drops and was able to finish the game with a ultralisk switch as Frik’s marauder count was too low to stop the ultralisks.

The second game was similar to the first with Dup stopping Frik’s marine pressure again however this game Frik wasn’t able to micro as well and Dup delayed Frik’s third base. Frik wasn’t getting cost efficient trades for his harassment and had to gg out to the massive wave of mutalisk/ling/baneling and even ultralisks. It was a great game by both players and could have easily swung either way.

After the win, we asked Dup about what his current goals for SC2 are: “My biggest goals at the moment are to get to masters league and qualify for DGC next year. I plan to play at least 3-5 games each day and spend a fair amount of time reviewing my replays and learning from my mistakes as quickly as possible” Dup aims to reach the semi-finals, lets see how he manages!

Match Result: Dup 2 – 0 Frik

gameending engagement

Frik’s economy couldn’t recover after this engagement


Chris “Slider” Schoeman played against JediVook, a gold league terran player so the skill difference was rather large however as Slider states Jedivook “put up a good fight”. The first game JediVook went for a standard fast expansion opening into bio whilst Slider opened up with a similiar opening however opting to go for a mechanical based army instead of bio (tanks, thors, hellbats as opposed to marine, marauder, medivac play). Slider opened with a raven partly for vision against any sort of cloak banshee play however he ended up using the raven to its full potential in the midgame when he dropped automated raven turrets at JediVook’s natural expansion whilst simultaneously dropping Hellions in the main. JediVook sustained too much economic damage to hope to come back in a normal game and had to go for an SCV pull with marines/tanks and a low medivac count. Slider was ready however and had his tanks spread on his natural ramp so when JediVook pushed up, he got obliterated by the tank fire.

The second game was closer with Slider opting for a 2rax reaper opener into an expansion whilst JediVook opened with a 1-base 3rax allin. JediVook macro’d well and hit a sharp timing however Slider’s first tank popped out in time and with the aid of his SCV’s he held the allin and JediVook was forced to gg out.

Slider played really well as did JediVook however Slider’s mechanical Terran play managed to win out in the end. This result was somewhat expected of Slider however he has a tough opponent next in the form of VnR|Drager who is arguably one of the best Protoss in the local SC2 scene at this current moment. They are both ranked similarly on ladder so Slider anticipates this will be a close and exciting match. We then asked Slider what his goals for 2014 were: “I aim to qualify for DGC again and I will be training as much as I can do accomplish this goal!”. Slider’s aims for this cup are: ” if i can beat Drager i will be satisfied, anything beyond that is a bonus”.

Match Result: Slider 2 – 0 JediVook


Andre “Mogar” Rademan had a tough first game in the form of Tyelander, a Diamond Zerg. The first game opened up on Akilon Wastes whereby Mogar did a gate expand and applied pressure in the form of dark templar however he was scouted and his harassment plans were thwarted. Mogar decided to hit a timing push with chargelot archon and try to end the game based on that however his push was held well and he was subsequently contained by and lost all map control to Tyelander’s swarmhosts and he had to gg out when Tyelander transitioned into brood lords. The second game was on Polar Night and Mogar did a somewhat risky build with a gateway expand opening into a 7gate semi-allin. Mogar managed to destroy his third and second however was unlucky and didn’t scout Tyelander’s hidden fourth base which kept Tyelander alive and Tyelander then responded with a roach hydra allin that ended up beating Mogar’s 2 base gateway composition as the damage per second from Hydras to gateway units was too much.

We then caught up with Mogar on his goals for 2014: “I am disappointed that I went out so early in the sc2 cup but I did just reach top 8 in the hearthstone cup so atleast that makes up for it!”. Mogar aims to qualify for rAge and will train as much as he can to achieve this goal. He believes that playing in online cups such as this one hosted by the DGL and other online cups such as SCVRush and Go4Sc2 will be integral to his success and this is very true as even Mogar states “There’s no better training than competing”.

Match Result: Mogar 0 – 2 Tyelander


Andre “InspiredByLife” Schoeman (not related to Slider) is a new SC2 recruit and has recently been tearing it up on ladder and as such decided to participate in the Insta-Clash Cup. It is his first SC2 tournament and so far he is doing well!

InspByLife was nervous for his first game. His opponent was WRG’s CoCo who is a now gold (previously Diamond) Terran. The first game was on Derelict Watcher. CoCo played the standard 3CC Bio/Mine build and opened up with reaper harass however it was held by speedlings. After establishing his 3rd CoCo, played a very aggressive style and did the style popularised by Innovation, the never ending marine/marauder/medivac/mine rally towards the Zerg. His pressure on InspByLife’s 3rd and fourth bases was relentless however InspByLife was merely hanging on until his mutalisk count got to a high number. Once his mutalisk count was high enough and he had defended his bases, he split off his mutalisks and did economic damage to CoCo’s third as well as stopping the rally by cleaning it up with his mutalisks. With no additional reinforcements, there was no pressure at the zerg’s bases and thus no reason to defend. The momentum switched violently and InspByLife went on the attack, with his forces diminished and his economy in tatters, he had no way to hold the counter and lost the game. InspiredByLife mentions however that CoCo’s micro and relentless aggression was very tough to handle.

The second game was a very quick game, CoCo tried to do the same build but InspByLife was ready. He cleaned up the reapers and did a speedling counter, CoCo had taken the risk of putting his CC on the low ground at his natural and thus he had to cancel it. InspByLife then started attacking the depot wall and CoCo had to gg out.

Derelict Watcher

Derelict Watcher

InspByLife has already beaten his ro16 opponent namely Demitriusd 2-0!

His next opponent will be in the form of VnR|Cort in the quarter finals and this will be a very difficult match however InspByLife has no expectations of himself as it is his first tournament for DGL and is “merely competing to improve himself for next year’s DGL.” however he does want to try reach the semi-finals!

InspByLife’s goals for 2014 are to “continue training, and to make rAge next year.”

Match Result: InspiredByLife 2 – 0 CoCo


Last but not least is another new recruit in the form of Luke “Luke” Pothier. Luke is a high diamond Protoss player who is aiming to make Masters league (again) next season. Luke’s games went as follows:

Luke’s first opponent in the cup was against WRG Don who is a silver Protoss player. The skill difference is thus present however it is Protoss versus Protoss and anything can happen! Game one went off on Yeonsu without a hitch as Luke used Parting’s proxy 2 gate stalker build, (this build is a rush strategy that is aimed at overwhelming your opponent’s forces with superior numbers) and although Don maneuvered his forces well, Luke handily won the game. The second game Luke decided to play more standard and opened up with a 2 gate robotics expand whilst Don attempted to cannon rush. The cannon rush was not optimized and thus arrived late to Luke’s base which led to Luke destroying the photon cannons as they were being built and winning the series 2-0.

We then caught up with Luke on his plans for the cup and for 2014: “I am hoping to perform well in the cup. My round 2 games are against MackyBoi who is a diamond terran, we’re probably pretty even in terms of skill. PvT is my worst matchup though, so I’ll need to play very well. If I win that I think I face the winner of Slider and Dräger, who are both masters. I wouldn’t bet on myself vs either of them, but I’ll be reasonably happy if I make it past MackyBoi.”

When asked about his goals for 2014, Luke replied: “My goal for 2014 is to get back into masters and try to challenege for the top spot in SSG.”. Admirable goals indeed!

Match Result: Luke 2 – 0 Don


Overall the Cup has been run very well so far and we would like to thank DGL for hosting and Telkom for sponsoring it. We wish all the SSG player’s luck for their upcoming games and hopefully the tournament continues to hold some exciting nail-biter series! That’s all for now, GL HF!

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