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author image by SSG | NEWS | 0 Comments | 20 Feb 2016

Welcome! You might have noticed a few changes . We are happy to announce the new +SSG+ Website for 2016 and onwards, we have decided after the re-branding of +SSG+ to give our website a little face-lift of its own. We hope you are as happy with it as we are!


New layout and Design! With a sleek new look that matches our new +SSG+ image, you will find that all previous content is right where you left it. In the future we are hoping to get more content once DGL starts this year. We ask that if you are interested in creating content for +SSG+ be it frag clips, interviews, gaming news, events even game reviews please get in touch with @dup, @lluv or @ssg.


Team Pages! We have new pages for our competing DGL teams that will be kept updated with latest the information, news, rosters, player profiles and tournament results. Team pages at the moment have DGL team information, player roles and player profiles (wiki).
check them out!

+SSG+ ShocK

+SSG+ EmbeR

+SSG+ HydrA

+SSG+ FloW

+SSG+ VectoR

Online Store! The biggest, most exciting addition to our site, is a fully functional online +SSG+ store! At the moment you can go have a quick look at what we will be stocking, but for now purchases are disabled. We plan on having +SSG+ apparel which you will be able to order online using our store. It will then be delivered right to your doorstep! Unfortunately we are still in the process of finding the best option for the apparel to be produced but don’t worry, you can expect the store to go online soon!™

Check it out!

+SSG+ Store


Thank You! That is all for now but don’t worry, we have more exciting plans for +SSG+ in the future. We hope that you appreciate the work done. Please give us feedback or suggestions and don’t forget to follow, share, like and subscribe on our social media, youtube channel, steam group and join our DGL clan page.


Goodbye and happy gaming!


James @lluv McLean

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