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author image by SSG | NEWS | 3 Comments | 09 Dec 2015

Hey Gents,

So finally, as many of you are probably aware, we have decided on a logo and intro. Many thanks to Liam ‘Joe’ from Shock and James for all the hard work they’ve put into designing and putting everything together.

Here’s our amazing intro, courtesy of James:

Getting a jump on next year, we’re looking at a couple designs for hoodies and tshirts, which you can see here:

see link below

+SSG+ Apparel
The main logo will standardize to Blue/Black/White (Like our website) with a shield. Only our steam profiles (And possibly shirts/hoodies) will be without the shield, to allow it to be seen more clearly by our dead opponents when they check the scoreboards.


We’ll try keep this Dropbox link updated with different variations that are used for steam:
Steam Logos
Just give myself or James a shout if you have suggestions of a colour we should add in.

I’m also considering implementing a “Team Colour” scheme for steam profiles.
Something like assigning a single colour to only be used by a certain team, hopefully giving the players a unique identity for representing us competitively.


We’ll also be putting together a YouTube page to upload highlight videos for everyone that wants to submit their plays and throwing in our intro to put it together nicely. Please give it a subscribe here:
YouTube Channel
(We need 100 to get our unique URL)

Other than that we’ll be updating our Facebook/Twitter accounts with the new logo and hopefully next year use them all to give news on DGL matches and events.


If you would like a wallpaper of our new logo for your desktop you can find it here:
1080p Wallpaper

But yeah, I think that’s it. Let me know what you guys think and if you have any ideas just give me a shout. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.
Dropbox link with all +SSG+ related material below

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