Jaedong takes his first title!

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After five second place finishes this year, Jaedong emerged victorious at ASUS ROG Northcon 2013

(Excuse the length of this article, I may or may not be a Jaedong fan :P)

It is the moment that many but the most devout followers of the “Jaedong church” didn’t think would come, some had even cruelly nicknamed Jaedong, Jaekong. To put it into perspective, the Kong line is a fictional series of players who follow in the footsteps of YellOw  who for the period between 2000-2003, he (YellOw) managed to gather six silver medals (he got the name because he’s short like a “Kong”, which means pea). Jaedong was noted as maybe the next in the Kong Line due to his five second place finishes in 2013 as can be seen below, notably “choking” in two finals being destroyed 4-0 by both Polt and Bomber respectively. This string of second place finishes, whilst unfortunate is still impressive and definitely demonstrates that Jaedong is consistent but was unable to get the finals win.



At ASUS ROG Northcon 2013, ZergJaedong dispelled any comments on him being in the Kong line by winning his first premier tournament in StarCraft 2 and also becoming the first BroodWar champion to win a premier StarCraft 2 tournament. The tournament took place between the 6th-7th December 2013, Jaedong started off by dominating his group stage beating ProtossStarDust 3-1 and ZergNerchio 3-2 to make his way into the playoffs.  Jaedong opens up his playoffs with a much expected win against ProtossElfi, beating Finland’s protoss player Elfi 3-1 in a rather decisive manner. Arguably the most interesting matches of the tournament were up next  between two Korean tyrants; with Jaedong, a BroodWar Champion vs INnoVation.

Quarterfinals: ZergJaedong vs Terran INnoVation (BO5) – Watch HERE

Game 1

The series opens up on Bel’shir Vestige with Jaedong spawning in the top left and INnoVation spawning in the bottom right on this 2-player map. INnoVation opens with a Command Center (CC) first and Jaedong opens with the standard hatchery first into pool and then gas. INnoVation opens into factory hellions and Jaedong researches zergling speed to deny any damage from INnoVation. Jaedong then takes a early 3rd at 5 minutes to compensate for INnoVation’s CC first opener. The game then continues as one would expect with the current meta as INnoVation gets double engineering bays (for upgrades), a third CC and adds on extra barracks for production. Jaedong gets two evo chambers and +1/+1 and gets Lair at 7 minutes. The game then moves into the tense midgame with Jaedong getting a fourth base and a spire for mutalisks. INnoVation moves out at 10 minutes with the standard marine, 2 medivac creep kill squad, he gets a really good drop location in the natural and manages to kill some queens and lots of zerglings plus kills off creep tumors.

Jaedong manages to clean up the push and moves out with his mutalisk/zergling/baneling army as +2/+2 finishes and he gets a good engagement in the middle of the map and with some excellent micro, avoids losing too many units to the widow mines and kills all the medivacs for INnoVation. With this momentum, Jaedong pushes into INnoVation’s 3rd and kills a lot of SCV’s (terran workers), INnoVation barely holds the 3rd but the push is not over, Jaedong morphs a ton more banelings and pushes once again, INnoVation is not prepared and loses most of his forces. Jaedong kills the third base of INnoVation and INnoVation is forced to GG out. Jaedong 1 – 0 INnoVation

Game 2

The next game opened up on Yeonsu with Jaedong spawning in the top right and INnoVation spawning in the bottom left on this 2-player map. The opener of the game was standard with Jaedong opting for a hatchery first and INnoVation opting for a barracks into gas and reaper opening. The reapers manages to get a few zergling kills and a drone kill but then Jaedong’s queens finish spawning and he is able to hold without any significant losses. INnoVation then opts for a bit more of a cheesy strategy as he gets a factory and opts to go for 2-factory blue-flame hellions (the blue flame upgrade gives hellions a lot more damage vs light units such as drones and zerglings). Jaedong takes a third base and then manages to scout INnoVation’s blue-flame hellion strategy, Jaedong then opts to go for a roach based army but just before Jaedong’s roaches have popped, INnoVation drops the hellions in Jaedong’s main and natural and manages to kill LOTS of zerglings and about 20 drones putting Jaedong’s economy in a rather bad position however the game isn’t over and he can bounceback. Jaedong then hits a roach timing and attacks the third base of INnoVation but gets baited into the firing range of tanks repeatedly and whilst he harasses the third and kills lots of hellions and SCV’s he loses almost all of his roaches however he has done enough damage to normalise the game. INnoVation opting to go for a more mechanical based army or “mech” with Siege tanks, Hellions etc, Thors etc… A typical mech army can be seen below:


Typical Mech Army in TvZ

Jaedong then tries to establish a fourth base whilst INnoVation cleans up the rest of Jaedong’s roaches and maxes out. Jaedong then gets a spire and produces some corruptors, at 17 minutes, INnoVation moves out and Jaedong has his hive finished however does not have the greater spire necessary for BroodLords. It is unknown if Jaedong forgot to get greater spire as he was getting a upgrade at the time or if he was hoping that INnoVation’s army had less thors but Jaedong tries to defend with a roach/mutalisk army and INnoVation has too many tanks and thors for Jaedong to do any damage to it and he has to GG out. Jaedong 1 – 1 INnoVation

Game 3

The next game opens on Frost, a big 4-player map with Jaedong spawning in the bottom right and INnoVation spawning in the top right. This game was a bit of a disappointment as Jaedong scouts at 10 supply that INnoVation is going for CC first followed by a barracks. Jaedong takes a bit of gamble and opts to go for a very old Wings of Liberty build in the form of a baneling bust. Jaedong stopped droning at 23 drones and just massed zerglings for a 6 minute baneling bust. INnoVation looked underprepared however he had 4 hellions and scouted Jaedong’s morphing banelings at his 3rd base, it was a very tense engagement but INnoVation’s hellion micro ended up clinching him the win as Jaedong did not do enough damage. Jaedong tries to recover and play a normal game but INnoVation just rode his lead to a win and hit a 2-2 timing that Jaedong had no chance of holding after having his 3rd base cancelled numerous times before. Jaedong 1 – 2 INnoVation

Game 4

The fourth game opened up on Whirlwind and Jaedong was definitely angry that he had lost over such a gamble. Jaedong goes hatchery first versus INnoVation’s CC first on the low-ground on this big 4 player map. The game plays out standard with INnoVation going hellions into a 3rd CC into marine/medivac/widow mine/marauder (4MM style) and Jaedong getting lair and going zergling/baneling/mutalisk. Jaedong takes his fourth base at 10 minutes and INnoVation pushes out with two medivacs of marines however Jaedong defends with his newly hatched mutalisks and Jaedong suffers no damage whilst droning up his fourth base. INnoVation begins the standard parade push however Jaedong has clever baneling landmines in the middle of the map and stops the marine train in its tracks.

Jaedong now has a booming economy and is even ahead on upgrades and starts his hive at 14 minutes and even takes a 5th base. INnoVation tries to attack Jaedong’s fifth base, in reply Jaedong counters with his army into INnoVation’s 3rd base and kills lots of scv’s and then moves onto the fourth base where he kills INnoVation’s 4th base. Jaedong has then progressed into ultralisks and as soon as INnoVation sees the ultralisks, he GG’s out as he has no economy to produce enough marauders to hold off the large number of ultralisks. Jaedong 2 – 2 INnoVation

Game 5

The last match in the best of 5 opened up on Akilon wastes with Jaedong spawning in the top left and INnoVation spawning in the bottom right. INnoVation opens up with a CC first vs a hatchery first from Jaedong. INnoVation then varies up his play and does a 1-1-1 build which is a barracks into factory into starport. The aim of this build is to harass with hellions and cloaked banshees. 

INnoVation opting for 1-1-1 opener

INnoVation opting for a 1-1-1 opener

Things go terribly wrong for INnoVation however as whilst he is so busy microing his cloaked banshee, Jaedong manages to get about 30 zerglings into his main and he kills 20+ SCV’s. INnoVation is now far behind however he manages to normalise the game a bit with excellent banshee micro before he loses them. INnoVation then does a 2-base timing push with marine/marauder/medivacs/widow mine however Jaedong stalls and Jaedong’s baneling nest is not done (in the later interview, he admits that he forgot it whilst defending vs INnoVation’s pressure), INnoVation does some damage in the natural but Jaedong manages to hold but loses lots of zerglings. The main problem now for INnoVation is that it is past 13 minutes and he delayed his third base to do this follow up push and is now in a very bad position with his economy, INnoVation does a SCV pull but Jaedong holds easily with his zergling/baneling/mutalisk composition. INnoVation GG’s out and Jaedong advances on to the finals! Jaedong 3 – 2 INnoVation 

Finals: ZergJaedong vs ZergScarlett (BO7) – Watch HERE

The finals was a Zerg vs Zerg between Jaedong who looks to end his string of second places and Scarlett, who many believe is the best foreigner and is the only hope for the foreigners to avoid a