DGL Summer Leg – Week 1 Roundup

DGL is officially underway. Here is what happened in the first week of the Summer Leg with regards to SSG.

BattleField 4:

Umshiniwam and Packet Loss were left behind in BF3. Now in DGL 2014, the Panda Pandits and Maersk take their place. A new game, a new start for the players.

Panda Bandits, under the captaincy of Reinhardt ‘PeStil3nc3’ van Rooyen, came out all guns blazing in their first game, dominating [Y!A] Odyssey in their Group E clash.
SSG 471 – 0 Y!A
SSG 459 – 0 Y!A

Panda Bandits will be facing off against B.O.B – Eagle Company next. The game is scheduled to be played on Thursday 13th at 20:00.

Maersk, under the captaincy of Vaughan ‘TheVovo’ Robey, had a tough opening game. Their game versus [dM] ReCoil, was a real battle. Our boys lost the first map but managed to come out on top in the end.
Lancang Dam:
SSG 0 – 175 dM
SSG 134 – 6 dM
Operation Lockers:
SSG 179 – 14 dM

Mearsk will be facing off against C4g#Lords Of Chaos, their pick and play game, on Thursday 13th at 20:30. They will be in action against CH4 Team 4 on Sunday 16th at 20:00.

Dota 2:

!Tetris, under the captaincy of Jp ‘Electron’ Burger, have had a stunning week. They beat [NE] Dota2 2 – 0 in Group A of the First Division. As it stands at the moment !Tetris is now tied in 1st place with DC.Dota, Doge A-team and Ping Here; TP there, who all managed wins from their first games.

!Tetris will be facing off against Ping Here; TP there, who, with !Tetris are tied at the for first place in their group. Time TBA.

StarCraft 2:

Our SC2 Team also had a very successful week with all the players beating their opponents. Serenity also welcomes a few new faces to their roster. They are really showing their contribution this week under the captaincy of Thorn ‘Dup’ Du Preez.

[SSG] Luke Faced off against [AG] foxxRSA
Luke 2 – 0 foxxRSA

Luke Will be playing wurums@gmail.com in week 2 of the DGL – Time TBH

[SSG] Himera_ZA faced off against [DvA]Methos|DvG
Himera 2 – 0 Methos

[SSG] Himera_ZA also faced off against WRG][Tohatza in a week 2 match of the DGL on Tuesday 11th.
Himera 0 – 2 Tohatza

[SSG] Mogar faced off against VnR|Betelgeuse
Mogar 2 – 1 Betelgeuse

Mogar will be playing vetus.Intuition in week 2 of the DGL – Time TBH

[SSG] Vortex faced off against [dM] Arachne
Vortex 2 – 0 Arachne

Vortex will be playing xTc.Slade in week 2 of the DGL – Match Scheduled for Monday 17th at 8 p.m

[SSG] Dup faced off against GiD|Storm
Dup wins by default due to opponent not responding in time.

Dup will be playing prod_MackyBoi in week 2 of the DGL – Thursday 13th at 8 p.m

[SSG] OtterKing faced off against [SiB] Rival
OtterKing 2 – 0 Rival

OtterKing will be playing vetus.ValpraX in week 2 of the DGL – Time TBH

[SSG] Slider faced off against VnR|Cort
Slider 2 – 0 Cort

Slider will be playing VnR|GuMMie in week 2 of the DGL – Time TBH

Serenity also pulled in a team win in their clan war on Monday 10th. They beat WRG [White Rabbit Gaming] 4 – 0. Luke, Vortex, Slider, and Mogar all getting wins in their matchups.

The StarCraft guys really showed what they were made of and made a lasting impression this week.

SSG find that their league entries have spread out to make a more diverse spectrum of games. Here are some more details of what happened in these new titles


[SSG] Slider is undefeated at the moment with 2 wins to 0 losses.
[SSG] Dup is undefeated at the moment with 2 wins to 0 losses.
[SSG] Mogar is undefeated at the moment with 1 win to 0 losses.
[SSG] Nirrv has dropped a game and with 0 wins to 1 loss.
[SSG] Himera is undefeated at the moment with 1 win to 0 losses.


5th Place – [SSG] Pixelated! With 292 pts.
20th Place – [SSG] Heckers with 260 pts.
31st Place – [SSG] Coweater with 239 pts.
49th Place – [SSG] PeStil3nc3 with 202 pts.

Fifa 14:

[SSG] GreenHulk6 played (AH-BRA) Z_EBRAHIM
GreenHulk6 2 – 5 Z_Ebrahim
GreenHulk6 2 – 4 Z_Ebrahim

Overall our guys did REALLY well and we look forward to the rest of the Leg. Good luck to all the guys and GLHF.
Big shoutout to Henco ‘Bullet_EC’ Kotze who compiled this information for the article. gg :)

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    Henco "Bullet" Kotze
    Feb 12, 2014 @ 11:54 am

    Aaaawwwww Yisssss / SSG man, to good 4 them 😀 WD guys

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