DGL Summer Leg – Week 4 Roundup

SSG continued the fight in week 4 of the DGL Summer Leg with an outstanding week…



Both teams enjoyed success this week with not even one map dropped across the board…

We saw Panda Bandits play 2 DGL games in Week 4; TcR-Gunners Squad (PnP game) and PewPew-Rampokkers. Both are teams back from BF3 so Panda Bandits went into the games prepared.  Panda Bandits beat TcR on Lockers and Zavod. They avoided playing Air Warfare maps against TcR-FlyingTank.

Map Results for Panda Bandits vs TcR-Gunners Squad (Pick ‘n play game)

SSG 215 – 0 TcR
SSG 235 – 0 TcR

SSG 175 – 0 TcR
SSG 158 – 0 TcR

For their official Week 4 game Panda Bandits played against PewPew Rampokkers on Zavod and Lancang Dam. Panda Bandits dominated the waters on Lancang thus got a convincing win against them, but on Zavod it was a constant battle for every flag and there were no specific dominance on either teams’ armor squad. Panda Bandits came out on top though on both rounds.

Map Results for Panda Bandits vs PewPew Rampokkers

SSG 98 – 0 PewPew
SSG 127 – 0 PewPew

SSG 169 – 0 PewPew
SSG 137 – 0 PewPew

Maersk performed very well this week and managed to trump Cold Clutch Gaming’s Freeze team 2-0 in a decisive victory.

Map Results for Maersk vs CCG | Freeze

SSG US 179 – 0 RU CCG
SSG RU 208 – 0 US CCG
SSG CN 197 – 0 US CCG
SSG US 186 – 0 CN CCG

Captain Vovo said the following in response to his team’s performance this week:

“We must be prepared for what lies beyond Leg 1, that is what we’re working toward. I’m quite happy with the performance in week 4. We’ve highlighted areas that need some work, but as a whole it went well against CCG. “



The SC2 team had dominating week in the SC2 Summer leg…

Match Results

[SSG] Luke took a decisive win with a 2-0 over Zerg dfeKt-DeadPool and is set to play =DKG=Draglor in week 5.

[SSG] Himera took a 2-0 win over WRG’s Carbon and is next set to play =DKG=Marcinko in week 5.

[SSG] Slider regained his form and managed to beat VnR|Advent 2-0 in a decisive series. He is next set to play ReaVeR in week 5.

[SSG] Mogar had a bye this week and is set to play GiD|Strom in week 5.

Captain [SSG] Dup beat VnR|Aussiematt 2-1 after swapping from Zerg to his original race, protoss the week before. Congrats Dup and we look forward to seeing you climb the ladder as Protoss! Dup gets a bye in week 5.

[SSG] Vortex got a 2-0 win over team-mate [SSG] Otterking in a very close series with both players playing to the full in order to try win. Vortex now sits top of Group B in 1st division with 4 wins to 0 losses. Vortex is next set to play [DvG]Forever in yet another ZvZ.

[SSG] Otterking unfortunately lost to Vortex and is next set to play VnR|Red.

Serenity  faced off against VnR|Trojans and managed a respectable 4-0 win. The games were close with Vortex, Slider, Luke and Otterking all taking their respective games. The VnR side played well and we wish them luck for the rest of this leg! Serenity is going to face off against EKGZeroTwa in week 5!


+SSG+Tetris! Went up against Doge A Team in the first division and took the series 2-0. Captain JP commented:

After being knocked down 2 games in a row now our confidence has been a bit low, especially when we always win the first game.We are really looking forward to playing IM`Mega as they are still unbeaten in the group.

The match will take place either on Wednesday or Sunday at 20:00


[SSG] Dup sits with 10 wins to 0 losses and is top of his Hearthstone group!

[SSG] Mogar currently sits with 5 wins to 1 loss.

[SSG] Niirv has 1 draw to 6 losses.

[SSG] Slider is 8 wins to 1 loss.

[SSG] LazerGunz has 1 draw and 1 loss.

[SSG] Himera currently sits with 4 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses.


Trackmania was action packed in week 3 with an intense race as shown below:

Track: Cloudbreaker

[SSG] Heckers: 51:17 (6th)
[SSG]Pixelated!: 51:24 (8th)

Track: Carilokos

[SSG] Pixelated! : 1:00:27 (6th)
[SSG]Heckers: 1:00:92 (9th)

Pixelated! commented the following

I am happy with where I stand, my goal is to beat Heckers. For the time being it’s going well, because Heckers struggles with technical tracks, but he’s catching up a bit quicker than I’d like, and having 10 wheels is giving him somewhat of an advantage on the speed tracks. Overall the league is going well.

Overall the standings for SSG members are the following:

[SSG] Pixelated! sits in 8th place with 1119 points.

[SSG] Heckers sits in 9th place with 1111 points.

[SSG] Coweater did not take part in this week’s race and sits in 26th position with 722 points.



[SSG] GreenHulk6 was not able to make his match and forfeited to Gotta1979_XtremeGamingCpt.

GreenHulk is set to play (AH-BRA) LEEDSUNITED4LYF in week 5.

Overall week 4 was an impressive week with some close games!

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