DGL Summer Leg – Week 3 Roundup

SSG continued the fight in week 3 of the DGL Summer Leg grabbing some impressive wins…


Maersk performed admirably this weekend whilst Panda Bandits enjoyed some time off…

Panda Bandits enjoyed a bye this weekend and did not play any DGL matches.

Maersk managed to pick up an expected win over C4g#Lords Of Chaos in their pick and play game with the C4g team at a notable disadvantage as they were unable to field 8 players due to line-up issues.

Map Results for Maersk vs C4g#Lords Of Chaos

Lancang Dam
SSG RU 235 – 0
SSG CN 219 – 0

SSG US 247 – 0
SSG CN 239 – 0

Maersk vs [TE]Veg&sons – week 3 game
SSG win 2-0, TE forfeit

Captain Vovo said the following in response to his team’s performance this week:

The Lords Of Chaos took a leaf out of their own book and only had 7 players available for the game.  We tried some new things and it went in our favour.  We took some positives from it at least. The week ended on a low for us though. There is nothing worse than being all amped and ready for a game to have the opposition having to forfeit at the last minute. From the chat we had with the TE guys that were there though, they seemed just as disappointed.

Maersk currently is top of the log in Group A of open division with their next game  against Cold Clutch Gaming’s Frozen team in week 4 of the DGL Summer Leg!



The SC2 team had an action packed and successful week in the DGL Summer Leg…

[SSG] Slider played in the DGL Invitation Pro SC2 cup and managed to finish win an impressive second place! Along the way Slider managed to beat notable players Cort and Premier Veteran Static 2-0 and 2-1 respectively however it was ultimately VnR|Drager that ended Slider’s impressive run with a 3-0 victory in the finals, still really well played to Slider. GG!

Slider Cup DGL

Slider in SC2 Invitational Cup


[SSG] Luke also clutched an impressive second place as he took part in the DGL NoPro SC2 Cup where he rampaged on through to the finals. Luke played very admirably and had some hard fought games between Ventus.Consp1racy but in the end, PvP proved to be Luke’s weakness as Consp1racy managed a 2-0 win. GG WP to Luke and we look forward to seeing you win the next one! Luke had the following to say:

Yeah i was pretty happy with it, I didn’t drop a map until the final. Conspiracy proxy 2 gated me with stalkers both games (A deadly cheese PartinG invented and Crank embarassed HuK with in WCS) and his micro is much better than mine, so he won pretty easily. My response in game 1 was awful since I didn’t scout the proxies, but in game 2 I scouted them and lost anyway, so I definitely need to work on that. But GGWP to Conspiracy, he deserved the tournament win.

Match Results

[SSG] Luke won 2-0 over Zerg (EpicDS)Anonymous and VnR|Falconza and is next set to play Zerg dfeKt-Deadpool. He is now sitting at top of his open division group alongside Ventus.Consp1racy!

[SSG] Himera took a 2-0 win over b2k.Yokuhatchi and is next set to play Zerg Carbon in week 4.

[SSG] Slider saw his TvP stressed yet again as he lost 2-0 to VnR|Drager. Slider is next set to play against Premier newcomer VnR|Advent

[SSG] Mogar unfortunately lost to VnR|Gangrel 2-0 this week and gets a bye in week 4.

Captain [SSG] Dup managed to trump Pyrobunny 2-0 with his experience and is set to face off against VnR|AussieMatt in week 4.

[SSG] Vortex got a 2-0 win after Frik forfeited their DGL week 3 game.

[SSG] Otterking managed to beat xTc.Slade 2-0 in week 3 and is set to face off against team-mate [SSG] Vortex in week 4.

Serenity  faced off against nAv|Cosmic Rejects in the DGL ClanWar and came out on top with a 3-1 win. The games were close with Luke and Slider beating their opponents as well as Otterking winning his debut Clanwar match against nAv|Zirax. Mogar unfortunately suffered a loss to one of nAv’s surprise reserves in the form of old veteran Snakeyezz.



In first division [SSG] !Tetris faced off against Damage Control Dota and won the first game convincingly but then DC pulled a surprise comeback to clutch the game in maps 2 and 3. Captain JP had this to say:

We had a tough game against DC. Took the first game once again but in game 2 and 3 they came back with 2 strong games and took the series 2-1. We have made a change in our lineup and are currently practicing it to improve our early game. We will have to see how it works out against our next opponents.

[SSG] !Tetris is set to face off against Doge A-team in week 4!



[SSG] Dup is performing very well in Hearthstone with 8 wins and 0 losses. So far Dup has won all his matches and is looking set to advance as one of the top by the end of the leg, Dup is also highly ranked on the Hearthstone ladder. Dup had this to say about his performance so far:

It’s been a lot of fun taking part in the hearthstone league so far, I’ve played against some really good opponents and managed to take some very narrow victories. Hopefully I can keep it up, it’s still possible to lose against anyone so I’ll just do my best.

[SSG] Mogar currently sits with 3 wins to 0 losses and took part in the Hearthstone valentine cup but unfortunately lost to LiB.Plic

[SSG] Niirv has 0 wins to 2 losses.

[SSG] Slider is 6 wins to 0 losses.

[SSG] LazerGunz has 1 draw and 1 loss.

[SSG] Himera currently sits with 4 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses.


Trackmania was action packed in week 3 with an intense race as shown below:

Track: Sublime

[SSG] Heckers : 1:00:66
[SSG]CoweaterZA: 1:06:87
[SSG]Pixelated : 1:04:32
Track: French Vibes

[SSG] Heckers : 46:63
[SSG]CoweaterZA : 47:81
[SSG]Pixelated: 47:77

Overall the standings for SSG members are the following:

[SSG] Pixelated! sits in 10th place with 834 points.

[SSG] Heckers sits in 11th place with 822 points.

[SSG] CoweaterZA sits in 26th place with 722 points.



[SSG] GreenHulk6 had some intense games in Premier division and managed to tie against Realmandla 1-1 with a goal score of 8-8

1st game: GreenHulk6 5-5 realmandla
2nd game: GreenHulk6 1-2 realmandla
3rd game: GreenHulk6 2-1 realmandla

GreenHulk6 is set to play against Gotta1979_XtremeGamingCpt in week 4!

Overall week 3 saw an improved performance and let’s carry the momentum forward!

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