DGL Summer Leg – Week 2 Roundup

SSG showed some good performances in DGL week 2 and managed to finish the second week strong.

Battlefield 4:

Panda Bandits managed to take a decisive victory over B.O.B – Eagle Company with the scores being as follows:

Lancang Dam
SSG 235 – 0 BOB
SSG 241 – 0 BOB

Siege of Shanghai
SSG 238 – 0 BOB
SSG 232 – 0 BOB

Captain Pestilence commented that whilst they are still getting their gear together by working on strategies for individual maps etc, he was impressed by his team’s performance. Panda Bandits is currently undefeated and now have a bye in week three which will give them valuable time to create and refine current strategies.

Maersk managed to follow suit with an impressive win over CH4 Team 4.

Operation Lockers
SSG RU 249 – 0
SSG US 245 – 0

Lancang Dam
SSG RU 235 – 0
SSG CN 182 – 0

Captain Vovo stated that “we weren’t familiar with the CH4 team, so we weren’t really sure what to expect. We performed our roll out to the T on the first round and that set the tempo for the rest of the encounter. We were disciplined in all that we did. So i’ll give my guys props. We stuck to our jobs, and saw it through. GGWP!”

Maersk’s next game will be against The Elite Veg&Sons in week 3 of the DGL Summer Leg!

StarCraft 2:

The SC2 team had a successful week in the DGL 1v1 league with most players winning their matches in a 2-0 fashion.

[SSG] Luke won 2-0 against wurums@gmail.com in the open division and is next set to play against a Zerg, (EpicDS)Anonymous.

[SSG] Himera lost 2-0 in close games against WRG][Tohatzu and will be facing b2k.Yokuhatchi in week 3.

[SSG] Slider took a 2-1 win against Premier Veteran VnR|Gummie in close games and is set to face premier favourite VnR|Drager in week 3!

[SSG] Mogar pulled a bit of an upset and defeated Ventus.Intuition 2-0 in rather one-sided games in week 2! GG WP! Mogar is set to face VnR|GangreL in week 3.

Captain [SSG] Dup unfortunately lost 2-0 against Prodigy’s star Terran Mackyboi and is now set to face newcomer Pyrobunny in week 3.

[SSG] Vortex beat xTc.Slade 2-0 after previously losing to Slade 2-1 in the 2013 first division winter leg! Vortex is next set to play VnR|Frik in week 3.

[SSG] Otterking beat Ventus.ValpraX 2-0 in week 2 and is set to face off against xTc.Slade!

Serenity faced off against VnR|Titans in the DGL ClanWar and unfortunately suffered a 4-0 loss. The games were close and Titans played well and thus deserved the win! Serenity is looking to redeem themselves and hoping to win against nAv | CosmicRejects.

Otterking was also switched into the SC2 ClanWar lineup and can now take part in the DGL ClanWar thanks to the transfer window!

Overall the results for StarCraft 2 this week were great and we look forward to their progress throughout the leg and hopefully will see some of them at the DoGaming Championships later this year!

Dota 2:

[SSG] !Tetris faced off against, Ping Here, TP There dota and unfortunately lost 2 – 1. Captain JP had this to say: “We have faced Ping Here, TP There before. I can’t remember what happend the first time we faced them but they were defnitely strong opponents. We took game one with a quite convincing score. All our lanes did well and we managed to get farm on our Anti-Mage and use him to split push with Nature’s Prophet. Game 2 and 3 we lost to them as we had no way to deal with their Death Prophet. Once she pushed the tower they started to 5 man and we had no ganking line-up to stop their pushing line-up. They were some really good games and we look forward to facing them in the future again. GG”

[SSG] !Tetris is set to face off against DC.Dota in week 3!


[SSG] Mogar currently sits with 2 wins to 0 losses.

[SSG] Niirv has 0 wins to 2 losses.

[SSG] Dup is top of his group with 7 wins and 0 losses.

[SSG] Slider is 4 wins to 0 losses.

[SSG] LazerGunz has 1 draw and 1 loss.

[SSG] Himera currently sits with 5 wins to 1 loss (scores to be updated).


5th Place – [SSG] Pixelated! With 292 pts.
20th Place – [SSG] Heckers with 260 pts.
31st Place – [SSG] Coweater with 239 pts.
49th Place – [SSG] PeStil3nc3 with 202 pts.

Fifa 14 (PS3):

[SSG] GreenHulk6 managed to beat Uwais_P with a score of 2-1 and now has a record of 1-1 in the Premier Division.

1st game: GreenHulk6 2-1 Uwais_P
2nd game: GreenHulk6 1-1 Uwais_P
3rd game: GreenHulk6 0-0 Uwais_P

GreenHulk6 is set to play realmandla in week 3!

Overall week 2 had some close games and all in all, despite a few upsets, SSG managed to perform well. GL HF in Week 3 Guys!

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