DGC 2015

2015 has been a relatively quiet year for us at SSG. Despite that, we’ve had some stand out performers who were able to reach the lan finals for their respective games. Here is a bit of a rundown on what happened at DGC2015.

We had one Counter Strike:Global Offensive (CS:GO) team, and one Hearthstone player. Our CS:GO team, ShocK, having almost no LAN experience. While Chris ‘Slider’ Schoeman, who was playing Hearthstone this year, had missed out on DGC for Starcraft in 2013 due to attending a wedding over the same weekend.

ShocK DGC CSGO Team:shock@dgc2015

Eden “Hulkies” de Allende (Captain)
Joshua “Asperity” Mundell (Vice-Captain)
Liam “Joe” Brooksbank
Michael “ axtremes” Harmse
Steven “SirSteve” Mcpherson

ShocK started their team in the beginning of the year with players coming from Battlefield 4, Call of Duty, and Team Fortress 2.  It was quite a challenge adapting to CS:GO, yet very exciting for the players. They needed to first learn all the basics of the game before moving forward.

ShocK managed to qualify for DGC through the break-through playoffs after the winter leg of the league. There were some late changes to the roster leading up to DGC. Joe and axtremes were brought in for the start of the winter leg. While SirSteve and Diablo were added to the roster after the winter leg to help with the promotion playoff and DGC qualification.

ShocK, much to the surpise of everyone, even the team itself managed to get through the group stage at DGC. They did this by putting on a dominating performance of In-Finity Gaming.dfeKt, a team that was almost a surety to progress out of the group stage.

The knockout stage was tough going, as was to be expected. ShocK lost to Xperts@Total.Chaos.inspired*. This loss sending them into the losers bracket in the double elimination knockout format. Next up was Altitude Gaming.Altitude™, who were performing really well at the event. Altitude™ proved to be too tough an opponent for ShocK, knocking them out of the competition.

They had been knocked out of the competition, but they certainly had grabbed some attention for themselves. Well deserved, and well played.

Congrats to bvd on their win. A well fought victory and a great come back.

Hearthstone – Slider:

Chris Schoeman - Slider

Slider hauled his massive pc through the blazing heat in the dome parking lot. He checked in at the Hearthstone Competitors Desk, tested his PCs power supply, put stickers on all his equipment, set his PC down on the desk and started unpacking. Everything set up and ready to go, now for the red power plugs, he pulled those out his bag, tried plugging the first into his monitor, it doesn’t fit.  It uses an AC adaptor. Shit.

Stage 1 of the tournament was in GSL format. The hearthstone matches themselves fell under the Conquest format. (Each player picks 3 decks of 3 different classes. Once you win with a deck/class you can’t play it again. The first to win with all 3 of their decks wins the series.)

In the first group stage Slider ended with one win and two losses. Fighting his way through some very close games, the first against Rdm.MajorPAINthey traded off wins until eventually Slider lost 2-3. The second game against gas went really well, ending a quick 3-0 victory for Slider. Unfortunately the last of the first stage ended with a narrow 2-3 loss to Skunkzy.

In the second group stage Slider won his first game by default, due to his opponent not showing up. Thereafter playing against BzK ViViD. Another incredibly close match, going all the way into fatigue in the last game, unfortunately ending in a 2-3 loss for Slider. This left him in second place in the group, with only the top position in each group progressing.  This was the end of the competition for Slider.

Slider had this to say about the event:
Although I’m disappointed with the result and some of my plays, it was overall a very enjoyable and well run tournament. It was great to meet the players whom I’d only spoken to online in person and sharing the excitement of competition and love for Hearthstone with them. Congrats to dgl and their admins for being on the ball with the organizational side of things. And last but not least thanks to Dup and Maverick for cheering me on, spying on other players decks for me, keeping me upbeat and generally supporting me like bosses!! TL;DR: ALWAYS play healbot and don’t forget to play around unstable portal Deathwing.
Finally, congrats to [eAe]Pand3m0nia for winning the event. A well deserved win for a great player and a really nice guy.

I would just like to give big ups to the SSG guys who went to DGC to represent. You guys make me super proud. GGWP!!!
– TheVovo

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