2014 DGL Team Announcement

So it starts again. The registrations for the Do Gaming League 2014 are closed. Groups have been assigned, and the schedules are being put up.
Another year, another challenge. This year we’ve assembled two teams for Battlefield 4, a Dota2 team, and have several Starcraft 2 players. We have several new faces this year in the various teams.

Some of your players have even opted to play some other games; Hearthstone, Trackmania seem to be quite popular.

The battlefield 4 teams are ‘new’. they have new names, and both teams have some new faces, but we have quite a few of the bf3 guys around. Once you’ve had a taste of competitive gaming its hard to be satisfied with just casual gaming.

Team: [SSG] Panda Bandits (BF4)

Alias Role
[SSG] PeStil3nc3 Captain
[SSG] CoweaterZA Vice-Captain (Manager)
[SSG] Heckers Player
[SSG] lMaN1aKl Player
[SSG] Oakley_Razor Player
[SSG] Pixelated! Player
[SSG] Th3NaRRoW Player
[SSG] WraithFiend Player
[SSG] LyynuS Reserve
[SSG] Niirv Reserve
[SSG] ReckITT Reserve
[SSG] SLA_Q-ZA Reserve

“This being the start of a new game again it will definitely be interesting to see how this game turns out to be and how people will adapt to the changes of the game as the patches are being rolled out in an attempt to fix the game.” – PeStil3nc3

Team: [SSG] Maersk (BF4)

Alias Role
[SSG] TheVovo Captain (Manager)
[SSG] D3adShad3 Player
[SSG] DementedM0nk Player
[SSG] GreenHulk6 Player
[SSG] N4RCOlepsy Player
[SSG] RazerFox Player
[SSG] Strngbd Player
[SSG] Uncl3_Fest3r Player
[SSG] B00GieM4n Reserve
[SSG] Bullet Reserve
[SSG] CrYo_ZA Reserve
[SSG] I-Shaun37-I Reserve

“The team is very upbeat about playing in the league. Lots of good energy at the moment. Here’s to working our way up from the open division.” – TheVovo

Team: [SSG] Serenity (SC2)

Alias Role
[SSG] Dup Captain (Manager)
[SSG] Vortex Vice-Captain
[SSG] Luke Player
[SSG] Slider Player
[SSG] Mogar Reserve
[SSG] PhuZA Reserve

“I’m looking forward to the year ahead of us, all of our starcraft players are motivated to put in the effort and do their best for the upcoming season.” – Dup

Team: [SSG] !Tetris (dota2)

Alias Role
[SSG] Electron Captain (Manager)
[SSG] lamp Player
[SSG] LazerGunz Player
[SSG] manbear_pig820 Player
[SSG] Wolly Player
[SSG] BoneDoggY Reserve
[SSG] Dup Reserve

“We’re very confident at the moment going into first division. We have had some good results in our practice matches :) ” – Electron

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