+SSG+Electron catches up with us about the Dota2

We took some time to catch up with +SSG+Electron to find out how last year was for him and what he’s looking forward to next year.

Tell us a litle bit about yourself, your gaming history etc.
Hi My name is Jp as you all know :) In game nick Electron. I have been playing Dota as well as Heroes of Newerth for almost 6 years now. Before SSG I had my own clan named DDC where we all started together to take on Dota 2 and other games also played in the DGC. After the DGC last year I decided to rather join another clan as it took to much time running and managing your own clan and decided to join SSG.

Having been in previous clans and being a relatively new member of SSG, how are you enjoying being in the clan so far?
Yes. In Heroes Of Newerth we were also DDC(Death Division Clan) and also after moving to Dota 2 I expanded DDC a bit towards Battlefield 3 and also Counte-Strike GO. My favourite thing about SSG so far has to be the people, I’ve made some good friends already and they guys are lots of fun to game with!

You are the captain of SSG !Tetris, you guys played in the DGL last season and went to the DGC at Rage. Tell us how that was and if you have any highlights from the season or Rage?
I must say the highlight of the whole DGC was meeting all the players in SSG. Its a farely big team and putting names to all the faces really helped out alot and seeing how people are in real life.
As for the DGC itself we did not do that well as we were a new team and did not put together alot of practice as we would have at the end of the leg. But was still alota fun going there and seeing the best of the best.

Having had quite a few player changes during the season and after DGC do you think this affected your performance last season and do you think you will nail down a stable 5 man lineup with enough time for next season?
Yes defnitely! We already have 4 solid players practicing every night for next year’s DGL and we currently go head to head with some of the best players when we play. So SSG wil be in for some big games :)

How are you finding being the captain of !Tetris, whats your biggest challenge and biggest reward etc?
The biggest challenge is to finally get to first division and keep the team we have. As many teams a lot of the skill you have comes from team work and the chemistry you have with your players. With a few new players joining the team we aim to get good team work going and understand the playstyle of every person. The biggest rewards are always hearing the team talking after we have won a game. It’s so nice to hear how happy they are and how they enjoyed the game.

Looking forward next year a new season of DGL, what are the plans for the team going forward?
Defnitely going to First Division and then moving up from there.

With the latest big 6.79 dota patch having made such a huge change to the current meta, is there anything which has stood out for you the most or any changes which make you excited for competitive dota and the new season of DGL?
Yes there is a huge change. Most of the teams are still experimenting with all the new combo’s and new heroes that received buff’s. Its interesting how much the game can change with patches like that.It shakes up the game a bit and throws a lot of people off guard when some combo’s get played.

Which is your favourite Dota 2 team and why?
My favourite International Team is Na`vi. They just show time and time that even though another team can beat them down, when it comes down to the breaking point they got the team work and what it takes to win. My favourite Local team has to be BVD. They always show they have what it takes when it comes to teamwork and the drafting. Scant is always up to date with the latest drafts and really adapts quickly to the Meta.

If you could have any International player in your team, who would it be and why?
Na`vi Dendi 😀 I think he is really fun from what i’ve seen and his personality in real life. Also one of the best solo mid players.

You have been known to play with a player Menie3 quite often, one question, why does he feed so much? 😛
I know him in real life. He has this symptom where his fingers twitch quite often. So the feeding is really understandable. Actually we are very fond of him atleast he presses buttons and sumtimes it works out for us. 😛

Anything else u wanna add? Say hi to your Mom?

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    Nov 15, 2013 @ 11:26 am

    Nice one Carl. Shame poor Steyn always getting into trouble.

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