South Africa’s Newest Starcraft 2 Grandmaster

We’ve caught up with new Grandmasters league player VnR|Drager to find out how it feels to be a Grandmaster Starcraft 2 player in South Africa.

Hey Drager, congratulations on the recent Instaclash win! How about you tell us about yourself for starters?
My name is Edwin ‘Drager’ Williams. I am 16 years old, I live in Brakpan and I play Starcraft 2.

How long have you been playing Starcraft for?
I was introduced to Starcraft2 by my brother Ivan (aka GangreL) and have been playing for about 2 and a half years now.

You recently reached Grandmasters League, how did that feel?
It was a really amazing feeling, my hands were shaking and I jumped up and down from happiness! :)

Grand Master awesomeness

Dragers Promotion

That’s what I like to hear! What was the road there like?
It was a tough road to get to GM. I had to beat a lot of good players, practice my builds and perfect my timings to get there.

How did you prepare yourself for this? What sort of training does one have to do to improve the amount that you have?
I generally watch a lot of streams and download pro replays to watch so I can learn the builds and timings, other than that I just practice a lot on ladder.

Was it tough to keep yourself motivated through it all? What kept you going when some dirty Terran dropped some widow mines in your mineral line without you noticing, or scouting your base to find some cannons finishing in the shadows?
Before I made GM I had a losing streak. I was about to give up, but my brother was actually the one who motivated me and told me to keep on playing because he knew I would make GM. Because of him, I kept on playing, had a huge winning streak and made GM.

Always nice to have some great support from someone that matters. What made you want to do it on the American servers over European servers?
I really want to meet Idra on ladder! To be honest I think getting GM on NA is a little easier than it is on EU :) I do plan on making GM on EU as well but my first plan is to practice a lot more on NA until I am confident that I can make it on EU for sure.

You’re obviously a member of Veneration Gaming and have been since the beggining, would you say they got you to where you are now? Who would you thank for helping you to become the player you are today?
Yes they have helped me quite a bit, helping me practice and all the clan wars and stuff we’ve had has improved my skills. I would also like to thank players like Static, Red and my brother Gangrel for all the good practice and support!

What are your goals moving forward in Starcraft? What are your plans for the DGL coming up?
My goal right now is to see how far I can get in the GM ladder and to see how much I can improve. My plan for DGL is just to do well in premier and maybe take some games off Pandatank and Skiblet.

Now the important stuff, which is the most broken strategy at the moment to you? All races inclusive.
I think Swarm Host is by far the most broken thing in pvz right now. I hope blizzard fixes that, but other than that I think the balance is okay right now.

What would you do if you woke up one morning and you were suddenly a Terran player to the bone?
Haha! That is a hard question to answer! I think I would probably just make marines and mules 😀

That’s all you need! Anything you’d like to add? Any shout outs?
I will try my best to remain in GM and do my best to improve as much as I can, I would like to give a shoutout to VnR for all the support and also to my brother for all the encouragement he’s given me! :)


I’m sure this is just the beginning for Drager and we hope to see him continue on his current path. Ready to show the world what South Africans can do.

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