Catching up with Hulkies after DGC2015

ShocK have returned from DGC2015 having finished in the top 8. I take some time with the team captain, Eden ‘Hulkies’ de Allende, to have a chat about his and the team’s experience of 2015.

Well done with what you’ve achieved this year! 2015 has gone well for ShocK. It hasnt exactly been a smooth ride though. Tell us a bit about your year in ShocK.

V – What are the factors that helped you guys to do so well at DGC2015?
H – Overall I think it’s that the team never gave up, we went into DGC thinking we wouldn’t make it out of the groups so we had no pressure on us. The only advantage we had going into DGC is that a lot of teams didn’t know how we play because we’re still a new team in the CS:GO community.

V – What are your plans for the rest of 2015?
H – For now, we’re having a little time off. Plans are to start practice in November and put in time early so we are fully prepared for next year. We want to take our game to another level.

V – This year was your first DGC, what did you think of it?
H – It was fun, was nice to meet the people we been playing against and I finally got to meet my team. A lot of people are saying it’s the worst DGC they’ve been to, but I thought the way things were handled were great, especially with the whole DDOS situation happening.

V – What did you think of the CS:GO results at DGC2015?
H – It was surprising, there were a lot of teams that did really well and no one was expecting them to get as far as they did. xTc.inspired and Altitude Gaming impressed everyone at DGC. I like the fact that the competition is becoming closer.

V – Are you retaining the same players for next year? Will there be any role changes?
H – It will be the same players as far as I’m aware of, no one was sour before or after DGC, so its helps a lot when the team get along well with each other. When we do have problem, we just say how it is and move on.

V – You and Liam currently share the in-game leader (IGL) role. How is that working?
H – At the moment Liam is calling full time, I’m just helping him where I can. If I find holes I let him know so we can target and fix them. Its working really well, but in the end Liam will call whatever play he thinks is better for the team.

V – Will the dual IGL setup continue next year?
H – Going forward Liam will be the IGL and I’ll be there if he can’t make a game, as the team is really comfortable at the moment.

V – How do you think next year will go for ShocK?
H – The team is hoping to make it to Premier division after summer leg and hopefully making another appearance at DGC. Our hopes are high and we will be putting in the time, 2015 was our 1st year playing CS:GO so we still have a lot to learn about the game and the roles we need to play. We have HEART and it’s gotten us really far in 2015, further than we thought we would have gone.

V – Predictions for DGC2016? Will it be between EN and bvd again?
H – I don’t think so, Carbon and Altitude Gaming also have a great shot, and they have both come far. Every year that skill gap is slowly closing, it’s just about who wants it more and how lucky you can get.

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