Starcraft 2 Online Finals 2014

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banner_sc2 The Starcraft 2 online finals for 2014:
Unfortunately the starcraft guys discovered that they weren’t going to be having their fight play out at the Do Gaming Championship(DGC) this year. Which meant that they were going to be facing off in an online final. There had been some issues with dates and times and the finals got moved around a bit, which resulted in some people missing out on them. See articles on Telkom gaming for explanations (1) (2)

This meant that Nicholas ‘MackyBoi’ McLachlan and SSG’s own, Liam ‘Vortex’ Norman, would regrettably be missing out on the online finals due to other commitments. The SSG players that were still involved in the finals were; Chris ‘Slider’ Schoeman and Luke ‘Luke’ Pothier. Oddly enough the two SSG players were set to meet in their first match.. Luke won the encounter 2-0, sending Slider into the losers bracket from the start.

Luke proceeded in the winners bracket. His matchup with Drager proved to be a decisive point. Luke vs Drager ended up being a colossal match with both sides fighting it out for victory. Game 1 began on Deadwing. Luke opened up with a standard 3 stalker rush into robotics whilst Drager went for a 3 gateway blink stalker attack with a robotics behind it. Luke had the build order advantage and a faster expansion however some impressive Stalker micro from Drager put Luke in a bad position as Drager kept managing to do minor damage to Luke’s economy which added up over time. Drager then went for a faster third as he had map control and Luke decided to do a push in order to exploit this however Drager had a larger army supply and managed to take game 1.

The next game was on Overgrowth and was a very close game. Luke went for the same opener as in the last game but Drager opted for an aggressive 3 gateway push in order to contain Luke in his base. Luke was contained but got a warp prism out and immortals in order to break the contain and eventually Drager left the contain as opposed to losing all his units. Luke then pushed out with his entire army and coincidentially Drager’s stalkers were on Luke’s side of the map so the game went into a basetrade scenario. With some great decision making and a sneaky probe, Luke managed to win the basetrade and tie the series up 1-1.

Overgrowth Map

The final game would decide the winner bracket semifinal between Luke and Drager.  Through some solid play and clever strategy, Luke opened on Merry Go Round with a Stargate which Drager scouted and responded with a 3 gateway blink stalkers and robotics. Luke caught wind of this and cancelled the stargate and went for an aggressive four gateway blink stalker push. Drager was caught unprepared and Luke hit the timing of four gateway blink stalkers versus Drager’s three gateway blink stalkers and managed to win the game!

Luke was able to get the win, 2-1. This however put Drager into the losers bracket where he would stop Slider‘s progress. Luke would then meet veteran Zerg Enjoy in the semi final, which Luke won 2-0. Luke would end up meeting Drager again in the final. However nerves got to Luke and some excellent play from both sides but Drager managed to come out on top 3-0. Claiming the trophy in the online finals. After a great tournament run, Luke ended a very respectable second place. GGWP.

We spoke to both Slider and Luke about the finals, here is what they had to say…

“Unfortunately I didn’t get much time to prepare in the two months leading up to the DGL finals since work deadlines were taking up all of my time, which was really disappointing since I had been playing a lot of Starcraft relatively consistently since the beginning of the year before then. Nonetheless I still fancied myself at having a fair shot at the top three places.
The tournament didn’t start off well for me, I was placed against none other than [SSG]Luke in the opening game. I knew Luke would be a formidable opponent since we were always very close to each other in terms of skill level and I knew he had been practicing for the finals. Luke played very well and comfortably beat me 2-0, a tad disappointing but I didn’t mind as much since Luke was a teammate.
Chris Schoeman - Slider
The loser’s bracket went really well for the most part until Luke upset Drager 2-1 in the winner’s bracket which paired him up with me in the quarter final. Drager was always going to be a difficult opponent and unfortunately I just wasn’t on par with him.
Overall it was a disappointing tournament for me not getting as much practice as I would’ve liked and not playing particularly well on the day either.
From here I will be mostly waiting for LotV beta!! Many excite. Much hype. Terran op. And we’ll see from there, not sure if I will be playing as much StarCraft next year. Shout outs to SSG StarCraft clan members for always being there to discuss strategy, bounce ideas off or play practice games. Shout out to Luke for being a baws and coming second in the DGL!”

“I didn’t do any special preparation for the tournament, I just played ladder as usual. I’ve been mostly playing masters players recently so the practice was pretty good. I’m very comfortable in PvT right now, and I used my normal builds to go 2-0 vs Slider and Cort.
I was really surprised to beat Drager. In game 1 he completely outplayed me even though he was on the wrong end of the build orders. I took game 2, though there was a weird base trade which could have gone either way. In game 3 I tricked him by cancelling my Stargate and switching into a blink all in to win 2-1. I went on to beat Enjoy 2-0 in fairly standard games.
Luke Pothier - Luke
I think what really helped me this tournament was that I wasn’t expecting anything, so I had no nerve issues until the final where my nerves eventually got to me. I played awfully vs Drager, and he stomped me 3-0. Overall, I’m very happy with the weekend, because I only dropped maps to Drager. Now I just kind of wish it had been a single elimination 😛
My future plans are to keep improving through to next year. I’m aiming to be the best in the country.
Shout out to SSG!”

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